Specks of dust in „real life“

One year after the events of Thimbleweed Park, the second season of Star Trek The Next Generation was produced. Yesterday I saw the episode “The Measure of a Man” (Wem gehört Data?) and I saw specks of dust on the bridge of the USS Enterprise and nobody cared to pick it up.

I was very surprised to discover it and wanted to share it with you. Also as a prove how much Thimbleweed Park has influenced me.

Did you find any specks of dust in real life?


Just because “collect X specks of dust” isn’t on your to-do list, doesn’t mean you should ignore them entirely. They’ll never understand the fulfilment of looking down at their pockets with a smile, thinking to themselves:

It’s my specks of dust.


They even have tea that changes one´s speech(and turned Worf into a polite person)!


Yes, indeed. I was surprised and on my TV very good visible. When I look at my mini phone screen now, it doesn’t look that pixelated anymore.

The real world has everything. :slight_smile:


If you look at it like that Thimbleweed Park is just a very elaborate Holodeck episode. Maybe it was Sexy Riker who just would have needed to have said:“Computer end program!”


Netflix just recommended a show to me: “Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust”

What is going on?!


I can’t change the title of this thread (or can I?), because I found another TWP related thing in “real life” or the show “Seinfeld”. Look at this:


Don’t we have a thread for TWP related things?(*) If not, you should create one. :slight_smile:

(*) I’m too lazy to search at the moment. :wink:

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