A speck of dust question

Hey everyone.

I hope this has not been answered in another thread - or if it does, which would be great of course, someone could point me there.

I actually wonder why there are speck of dusts to find right from the beginning of the game. But the to-do-list item “Collect … more specks of dust” only appears at some point where Delores becomes playable in the present I think it was.

So I would collect specks of dust, but they don´t wouldn´t count, until the entry in the journals appears.

Is there a logic behind that? Should I leave all the specks until the entry appears? I actually did that on my last playthrouh, but came 3 or 4 specks short even at the end of the game.

OK, it doesn´t bother me much, but I still wonder… :joy: :grinning:

Actually, all the specks of dust that you collect, including those that you collect before they appear as a task in the journal, count towards the achievement.

But I don’t know why the task appears in the journal only after a certain point.

We talked a bit about the specks of dust in the following thread:

Because Ray and Reyes’ act 1 notebooks were too full. It was a simpler solution than creating fancy complex notebooks.