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possible spoiler alert!!!

really, make sure you finished Thimbleweed park first!

So, you did finish Thimbleweed Park (or don’t care)…well; be ready to be shocked!
If you thought that the ending of Monkey Island 2 was a shocker… you ain’t seen nothing yet!
It turns out @RonGilbert has had a master plan in his head since the FIRST monkey island over 25 years.

Have a look at the screenshot below (genuine, not like the otherwise brilliant Ransome poster Details are important... (pay attention))


I see…the weenie roast is the key to all of this!

So… what if the ending to TWP is the ending Ron wanted to have for Monkey Island 3?

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The anachronisms in the MI series already made me presume that everything was supposed to be just a dream of one of the two “brothers” from the ending of LeChuck’s Revenge - or an intellectual game of both.

Hmmm. I think there’s a chance that is really the actual Secret…

I have resisted the temptation to comment on this topic, not because it doesn’t interest to me (on the contrary, I think it’s a very interesting hypothesis to discuss) but because it takes the original story of Monkey Island in a typically “meta” direction that I wouldn’t like.

Still, I decided to chime in and add a simple comment about the fact that Guybrush mentioning a novel immediately projects in my mind the image of “On Stranger Tides”, the novel that was the main inspiration for the game.

How many of you have read this novel?

Is it possible that it contains some details that match with what has happened to the characters of the game? I know that the novel cites the Fountain of Youth and I can’t stop thinking that this whole “being young again” plot might be correlated with the ending of MI2.

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This sounds likely to me.

Though, I hardly think about the ending, because you will never know for sure, no matter which theory you create. In a MI 3a, anything would still be possible. The way how CMI took up this ending demonstrated that MI 2 doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about a possible sequel.

I haven’t read On Stranger Tides yet, because it received mixed ratings.
By the way, I recently started to read the first novel of the Aubrey-Maturin series - though it doesn’t contain occult stuff.

I have purchased the ebook and I’ll start reading it during the weekend. I’m really curious to find all the similarlies between its plot and “The Secret of Monkey Island”.

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I watched an on ride video of the Pirates Of The Carribean ride on youtube and the similiarties there are marginal at best.

Yes, but that was expected, because the biggest inspiration for the plot was the book, not the Disney ride.

Yes, I think Ron even clarified that in a blog post mentioning something like he only keeps mentioning the ride in interviews to sound cool or something.

The ride inspired the jail scene, though. And the jail scene inspired by the ride was the inspiration for the jail scene in Tiller’s “Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island”.

And what inspired (the scene in) The Pirates of the Caribean?

One more thing. Ron often has mentioned the times Steven Spielberg came over during the testing phase of that game because he loved the game so much and Ron had to do “mouse wrestiling” with him to keep on working because Spielberg couldn´t stop playing.

The movie Spielberg was working at at the time?


You know a movie about pirates. Last time I watched it about a year ago I even seemed to notice a few parallels to Monkey Island, but unfortunatly I can´t remember them right now.

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I don´t know how old the ride is (but it can´t predate the 60s). But I´m almost postive that I´ve seen something very similar in an older western or something.

I remember one now.

When Peter has to relearn his Peter Pan abilities from the lost boys one of his lessons include using his imagination and dueling himself with Rufio to see who has the better insults.

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