Subsurface Circular: short sci-fi interactive story with dialogue puzzles

I have just finished to play Subsurface Circular, which is a short interactive story about a detective robot that has to investigate about missing colleagues. All the story takes place in a subway car, where the protagonist conducts his investigation.

It’s a textual game played choosing dialogue options but it’s not a “choose your own adventure” game; you should consider it more a series of interactive dialogues with a few dialogue puzzles in them.

Some of the puzzles are pretty simple while others required some serious logical thinking and I had to take notes for the toughest of them. There is also a hint system.

Probably the strongest element of the game is its story, which is based on the not-too-original plot of robots that have reached some form of intelligence and how society reacts to them. It’s mainly a story about moral choices and fear of perceived invaders, which a pinch of religion. There is more than one reference to Asimov.

I really enjoyed the game and I was hoping for an even more deep treatment of the mentioned topics, but that’s OK. It costs just a few bucks and it provided some (simple) food for thoughts.

Here is the trailer, if you want to have a look:

Also, electronic music fans could appreciate the soundtrack: