Switch EU Top 10 Downloads for September - TWP #9

Great to hear this port is doing well! Just bought the iOS Version and replaying it since it debuted. Really fun and pretty cool to play it a totally different way.

imagine how much the TWP remake will sell… with Ron’s new secret UI and hi-res graphics :slight_smile:


I think this week it’s around number 5 in the Nintendo eShop chars in the EU.

Also good news: The pixel style game “Stardew Valley” is number 1 now, beating EA’s FIFA game… wow.

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Stardew Valley has sold millions of copies before Switch, so it was no surprise it was going to do very well. Maybe it will make some people more open to pixel art.

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Maybe Nintendo players are more open to pixelated graphics in general, because Nintendo has such a rich history during that pixelated time period, and a lot of their brand and iconic characters were launched in their memorable pixelated forms (Donkey Kong, Mario, Link, etc.)…

Also Nintendo seem to play into that nostalgia/retro angle well and reach those kind of nostalgic fans, like how they recently released the Nintendo Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini.

And there is a whole industry around NES game nostalgia with AVGN and all those other old game reviewers, and games being released that are meant to look like those old games (Shovel Knight, etc.)…
I remember watching the AVGN episode where they played Maniac Mansion and one of the guys said it was his favorite game on the NES, so presumably thought it was originally a NES game… so Maniac Mansion might have a lot of nostalgic NES fans.

That kind of nostalgia is probably something that things like Xbox, Playstation, etc. don’t really have…

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So far we’ve sold about as many on Switch as Xbox, but Xbox has been out longer. I imagine Switch will pass it. Steam is by far the largest platform.

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Could you please @RonGilbert , tell us the number of games sold on each platform approximately ?
Thank you.

I can’t do that, not for a while. There are too many business deal reasons for not revealing that information. Post launch, especially in the indie space, it’s all about leveraging deals and promotions. While SteamSpy is not very accurate in an absolute sense, it’s very accurate in a relative sense and that information can be used against us, both in thinking we did really well, or in thinking we didn’t do well enough. Keeping the other platform numbers private is a plus for us at this stage.

The other reason I’m reluctant to share numbers if that people will take those numbers, multiply them by $19 and go OMG you made so much money! But, that not true, we only get 70% (less in some countries) of that, and then we still have expense to pay and then there are taxes, and sales discounts, the fact that Gary and I worked for free for three years, etc. Unless someone really understand what it’s like to run a business, huge (mis)-assumptions can be made.

There is a point, maybe around a year from launch that all this becomes moot and then numbers can be shared.


Thanks again, Mr. Gilbert, for your candor. :slight_smile:


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When the time comes, I’d like to know the sales’s geographical distribution.
20/30 years ago, you couldn’t know it easily, while nowadays that’s possible.

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Are you the one sale from Mars?

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Actually three, including mine :wink:

We do around 70% in Europe. The largest country in Europe is Germany. UK is next, followed by Italy and Spain with France trailing farther behind that. As you would expect, the countries we translated for do better.


I’m going to take these as your de facto predictions for how well the European teams do in next year’s World Cup.


Interesting. I hadn’t expected that high percentage. It’s interesting to see that in Europe are more adventure fans. Maybe we are more clever. :wink:


Hint: I would bet on Germany. :wink:

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I’m going all in on Iceland… long throw-ins for the win.

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Have you considered an additional Kickstarter for professional voice acting in some of these languages? The costs can be easily estimated, you know the number of lines and the costs for the English voices.

Oh wow, I didn’t expect so much! I though 50/50 between America and Europe.

Yes, with the addition of Russian.

And the Asian market, especially Japan, how is it going?

Still waiting for their anime sprites to be added.

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: