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Switch: Settings are not saved

I have the Nintendo Switch Version - its great - but the game dose’nt save game settings. If you quit the game and reload a savegame - all game settings are to default!
Can you fix it?

Hi @Angelus910, I’m not seeing this on my development device. Can you confirm which settings that you are having problems with?

My sytemlanguage is german

In Game i change:
Text Language: English

This options i turn on:
Toilet Paper over
Annoying in jokes

Invert verb colors
Retro Fonts
Retro Verbs
Classic Sentence

after that i save the game.
Then Switch Homescreen - quit Game…
After game restart every selected option is gone.
Reload savegame - also then is every option gone.

Woah! Settings are not saved, i.e. Toilet Paper option is not saved? → P0!

I’m not seeing this with the Switch build, did it happen the first time you booted the game or can you reproduce it reliably?

Huh, I am not seeing this problem at all on my Switch.

I change the sound sliders (sound and voice higher, music lower), Turn on annoying jokes and toilet paper over.

Quitting and restarting the game all my options are still there. Reload savegame- options still there.

Not sure what is going on on your Switch.

Yes i can reproduce this everytime.
Everytime i restart the game, options are gone.

Have you also testet it with german language?

I don’t own a Nintendo Switch, but I try guessing:

  • @Angelus910, do you have an external SD for storage?
  • If yes, is this SD write-enabled?

Okay i have created a second user-profile.
On the second profile the game saves everything in the options.
I think i will delete somedays my 1st profile - i have already finished the game.
I think the bug was on the switch not sooo annoying - because wenn you leave the game and put console to sleep everything is fine - thanks to the great sleep function on nintendo switch.

I think you can see the problem as solved - because i cant recreate the options bug with my second profile.
Maybe in next few days i delete my first profile savedata for this game - then i will post here the results but i think this will kill my options bug

PS: thank u very much for that great game - i’m loving it

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Thanks @Angelus910,

Can you PM me the usernames that each profile has? I’m trying to eliminate possibilities here.

Hey guys, sorry, I know this thread is a bit older now but I’m having the same issue on Switch.

I’ve QA’d it up a bit (…it is my job…) and it’s a 100% repro. It’s not keeping the options saved at all: volume sliders, ‘Annoying in-jokes’ etc.

Playing on Hard difficulty in English, on a console purchased in December in the UK. No tampering with it or anything, just a straight-up off-the-shelf model.


  1. Launch & play.
  2. Change slider volumes to 1/3, turn on ‘in-jokes’.
  3. Save game manually.
  4. Return to Switch home screen using home button.
  5. X -> close.
  6. Relaunch.
  7. Check settings & observe reset options.

I just realised you don’t actually have to be coming from a save game, just seems to reset the state by closing the app.

User profile name is simply “Mike”, so no unusual characters or anything.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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