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Not the same piece of text, but there is a lot of text, so if we divide the efforts a bit, I am sure we can spit out 1 or 2 transcripts a week.

You passed the test! :smile:

Good to know! The process depends a bit on how tech-savvy you are. Either you directly commit things on the git repository, or I send you a text file for review and I take care of putting your revised copy back on git.

When in doubt, always click 2! Because that’s what I’d want more than money. (If I’d calculate my hourly rate of my daytime job on the time I spent on it already, I could have bought a pristine copy of MM by now… but then again, we wouldn’t have had 18 transcripts to enjoy either).
To be clear: unless I get 100 votes for it, I am not seriously considering a KS. I just put the gradations in to see how big the interest really is. If I would have provided only the choices yes/no, it would skew the results.

I just realise, I should allow people to vote on multiple things!


I would prefer the latter option, seeing as I didn’t know what a commit was until recently :laughing:


It seems I can’t edit the poll type, so let’s redo this…

Do you want me to spend the time and effort in getting the TWPSMPTP TM** back on the rails?

(you can select up to two answers)

    • Yes please! My life feels incomplete without it. If there was a Kickstarter, I’d back it.
    • Yes please! I enjoin reading them and would like to thank you in natura (which address can I ship this shrinkwrapped C64 version of Maniac Mansion to?)
    • Yes please! I would even like to help out.
    • Yes please! But a :+1: is the most you’re gonna get.
    • Whatever. I don’t read these podcast transcripts, my hearing is fine and I don’t care for those “interesting” references.
    • Couldn’t care less. Nerds!

0 voters

** Thimbleweed Park Standup Meeting Podcast Transcript Projeckt


I dont’ know if it was a good idea to close the old poll. There was a guy who offered the MM box… I hope he’ll show up again! :smile:


the old poll is closed, but his answer is still valid.

@MarkB20000, feel free to fill in the new poll


My answer is: it’s up to you. If you enjoy spending your time doing it, then go for it. If not, I’ll appreciate you the same as I did until now. And for sure all that you’ll get will be a :+1: Personally I think I got most of their content among those you already transcribed, and those I listened directly. I’m fulfilled by the sum.


YouTube is fairly terrible at it imo. Not saying the ones I mentioned are better since I simply don’t know, but seeing how it’s their core business and all I think it may not be unreasonable to expect such. :wink: