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Maybe add [sic] to indicate those.


Well I considered that, but in most cases it doesn’t really make it any more readable. In my opinion, the use of [sic] only works if it is clear what other word should have been used. If not, you would almost have to write: [sic. Actually he meant to say…]
Either way, it the use of [sic] feels like being an English grammar teacher, each time pointing out the errors.
I would rather reserve the use of [sic] for special cases or funny lapsus (lapsi?) like the Mansion mansion.


I see, I guess using the [sic] for this podcasts would be akin to have a high pitched Ransome bleep. :laughing:


I realize now I really should have started a new Topic with the podcast animation work. This thread serves the overall discussion of the text version of the podcasts, as well as the podcast animation stuff. I know Discourse allows you to move replies to a different topic/thread, but only Moderators can do that. I was thinking of asking a Moderator to help split this thread up that way (though it may be too much work, being probably almost 200 replies to move). I wondered what others think, if everyone is pretty much OK with this thread being largely highjacked from his original purpose, and now serving a dual purpose.


Why not just open up a new topic? You can leave here a short note that the discussion about the animations goes on in a different thread/topic.


Yes, that’s an option either way, I just wanted to ping people on whether they agree it makes sense or if it’s just my over-sensitivity to organization…


No, sounds like a good plan to me. :slight_smile:


I agree. It’s usually used when actual, overt mistakes are made, like typos - rather than ambiguity in what someone is saying.

Yeah. I spent years curbing that habit :expressionless:

I think it makes sense too.


And also by splitting it up, it won’t be the most replied to topic any longer. The next one is probably some random-off-topic. So perhaps just create a topic with links to your videos (and perhaps the text only transcripts) and point everyone else here for the discussion on either format of the “text” version of the podcast.

Animated Podcasts

Ooh! Curb no more, I’d say…


Done! I’ve moved the posts about the Wonderful Animated Podcast Project™ to the new Animated Podcasts topic.

Animated Podcasts

Thank you!


I just started listening to these and they’re great! :joy: Did you ever make a Part 3 to the Friday questions?


As you may have noticed, @Calypso and @RonGilbert have helped us again, by creating a separate Category for “Podcasts” discussion, which includes this topic, the new split out topic for the Animated Podcasts, and the 10 Podcast Transcripts Topics, created by @Sushi.


(Un)fortunately, not, because my co-worker quitted, and nobody else wanted to help me in this crazy idea of mine…


I start from the autocaptions text made by YouTube. Still, it is quite a lot of work to correct the initial pass, add speakers, remove stuttering/speech patterns (you know), add punctuation, format laughs,…

Remember that my main goal in this project is to highlight the funny/interesting parts and add footnotes and links.

But I have to admit I do not spend any time on it anymore…

If there are candidates who’d like to help out, we can add them to the git or send a file of one raw transcript to clean up.
Also some proofreaders to correcth my spelling errohrs are welcome (looking at you @tasse-tee and @PiecesOfKate)!

Why can't I like that someone liked my post?

Do you want me to spend the time and effort in getting the TWPSMPTP TM** back on the rails?


  • Yes please! My life feels incomplete without it. If there was a Kickstarter, I’d back it.
  • Yes please! I enjoin reading them and would like to thank you in natura (which address can I ship this shrinkwrapped C64 version of Maniac Mansion to?)
  • Yes please! I would even like to help out.
  • Yes please! But a :+1: is the most you’re gonna get.
  • Whatever. I don’t read these podcast transcripts, my hearing is fine and I don’t care for those “interesting” references.
  • Couldn’t care less. Nerds!

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** Thimbleweed Park Standup Meeting Podcast Transcript Projeckt


I can’t say my life is incomplete, but I’d certainly Kickstart it, if it were possible/needed. This project is important for me, since I don’t have time/patience/reading comprehension skills to listen to all the podcasts.
Anyway, I can’t help with more than a :+1: at the moment. I won’t take care of any fan project until completion of the Italian Fan Dub, and I feel I’m neglecting it yet, because I’m moving and in the middle of some job projects.
Given this scenario, should I click 1 or 4?


Yep, still more than happy to do that :slightly_smiling_face: what’s the best process?


I can help too! You probably don’t need both of us to check the same piece of text though.