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But isn’t that usual? If a new forum opens there are many interested users. After a while only a core team remains active. Can’t we see that positive? We are the hardcore TWP fans. :wink:


Okay, let’s see it positive - even though I wonder what the other 19,000 backers are doing now. Well, maybe they just don’t have enough spare time or are already active on other forums or they spend much time with playing TWP or another adventure game. :slight_smile:


A good group always has a limited number of members.

“meglio pochi, ma buoni.”
(A few, but good, is better)


I would assume that the most of them just backed the project to get the game. :wink:


I want to publicly thank all of you are putting efforts into this, but especially you, Sushi, for having answered my call about the transcriptoin project in such an efficient way!

I hope you’re importing from the captions of @besmaller, and you’re not doing it manually! Anyway, I envy your listening comprehension. I’ve always had problems with it.

Here some comments/suggestion for the transcripts:

  1. I stil feel the need for a section (or a subsection) entirely dedicated to the transcriptions. By now, every single transcription is in one topic, but it is in random order and mixed up with all the other posts of the development section. Maybe @eviltrout could consider it?
  2. It would be nice, in every post, to link the original podcast (as @cvalenti suggested) AND the link to the youtube video, so that anyone can choose: audio only, audio subtitled or plain text
  3. The references are nice and useful. isn’t there a way to make an active link to them, in order to consult them without disturbing the reading flow scrolling up and down?


Your suggestions 2. and 3. are under investigation, but should both be feasible. I am finetuning the formatting and the scripts to extract both the transcript and the closed captions from my “master” text while working through new episodes of the podcast. I want to keep the momentum and finish at least 1 or 2 transcripts per week, rather than debating endlessly on some formatting (which is also fun, but less important).

For 2., I will need to check with @besmaller once he has uploaded the captions.

I am indeed transcribing based on the automatic captions now (thanks to @Someone) , which goes considerably faster, except for some hard to understand mumblings - which are often funny in their own right (For example “Wrong Dilbert talking about wok boxes”).


Thanks, I do consider them to be the only real added value of what I do.
One side note though, by making an active link, you can jump to the footnote, but how do you jump back without scrolling? Edit: nevermind, @LowLevel gave me a suggestion how to do that.


the reference hyperlinks are in (and working now!)
Also, I replaced the “best of” sections to <b> bold text </b> (although personally I don’t think it stands out well enough), but in all 3 transcripts I have uploaded, there are some issues. I was able to trace it back to only the first line after <b> to be put in bold, but not the subsequent ones until </b>

For example:
(Ron): Yeah, I really like what Ken has been doing with the cover. It kind of has this Maniac Mansion-feel too, which i think is really nice.

(Gary): Well if anybody can do Maniac Mansion-cover-feel, it would be Ken Macklin.

ends up as:

(Ron): Yeah, I really like what Ken has been doing with the cover. It kind of has this Maniac Mansion-feel too, which i think is really nice.

(Gary): Well if anybody can do Maniac Mansion-cover-feel, it would be Ken Macklin.

any thoughts?


the fact I can’t even format the whole thing as a single code block looks to me as if there are some hidden characters messing up?


That’s strange. It may be a bug, since HTML isn’t aware of new lines. It ends the formatting at the first end-tag it encounters.

Anyway, if there is no way to get rid of this, you can place a 《b》《/b》(in single angle brackets) at each line.
I like the bold style to put on evidence the BestOf part.


Discourse interprets the whole(?) BBCode and Markdown. That maybe leads to strange results.

Maybe you want to have a look at:
Markdown reference at Wikipedia
BBCode reference at Wikipedia


ok , I got the whole bestof thing sorted out
thanks again to @LowLevel for giving me some pointers and ideas.

(FYI, the issue was that Discourse inserts a new html paragraph at every empty line)


Yes, this would be helpful, we’re up to 4 transcript topics now, and it would be much better to have them organized into a separate category. @RonGilbert, we would like to make a request for a new Category - perhaps something like “Thimbleweed Park Podcast Transcripts”, and maybe as a sub-Category of the Development/Design category. Once the new category exists, we should be able to move the individual Topics (aka threads) over ourselves.


181 posts were split to a new topic: Animated Podcasts

Animated Podcasts

Ha! It will also take time to transcribe!
I’m almost at 11/66. So with 6 people transcribing, we’d be almost finished… (except those horribly long Friday questions)


I would love to help, but my English is too horrible (and I’m afraid of the grammar expert @PiecesOfKate :wink: ). The only way I could help would be programming/supporting @besmaller.


Your English always seems quite good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

I could always proofread them all afterwards, if that helps? Even if just for a fresh eye.

I’d like to help with the actual transcribing but not sure I’d have time.


I would, but I can’t help here: I consider myself a “final destination” user, in this case.
Whoever has English as primary language, or whoever is able to fully understand even the tiniest word, could help you.


Yes, please! I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m sure there are and will be errors left. Now, mind that a lot of them (the grammatical ones) are due to the speakers. I try to fix the most flagrant ones, but sometimes I would have to replace a whole sentence with false starts, dead-ends and the occasional sound edit which results in grammar hell, by a simplified sentence. Which may or may not hold up too well for the animated series’ closed captions. Talking about those: the master transcript combines both texts in a single file for my convenience. So if you review the transcripts I have posted here, that’s only like 95% of it. Mainly "you know"s "kind of"s and "gonna say"s though.


Good point, I’ll bear that in mind. I can track my changes so you can see what I’ve done before accepting them.

Do you want me to review the ones you’ve posted in the individual podcast threads, or the master ones you mentioned?