The 2019 what we are playing thread

Get a taxi over here, folks! :slight_smile:




I’m still playing Unforeseen Incidents, and still enjoying it.

This sequence made me laugh out loud yesterday (no spoilers):





Out of curiosity… did you replay that scene in order to take the screenshots? I hope you saved often… :slight_smile:

Well, the only thing that does have a set release date so far this year is the remake of Resident Evil 2


Another thing I´m interested in is The Dark Pictures Anthology which is an episode based (but with self contained episodes) horror themed decision adventure in the style of and from the makers of Until Dawn. The first part being Man Of Medan which is about a ghost ship. So despite the demise of Telltale episodic interactive movie adventure games aren´t dead just yet!


What else? Mhhh, from the makers of the all but in name Castlvania remake Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon comes the sequel and all but in name Symphony Of The Night remake Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night. Now being loosly based on one of the greatest games of all time is reason enough to check this out, but I´m still not sure about the style they went for.


Oh, and maybe I´ll play some old Sierra games. :slight_smile:


No I took them at the time :slightly_smiling_face:

(I don’t always post them straight after though)

Just been through that this afternoon, and it’s funny indeed.

Though one could watch movies on the boat (or do many more interesting things, like actually go sailing).

As for 2019 games I intend to play (provided they make the release this year):

  • Heaven’s Vault
  • In the Valley of Gods
  • Disco Elysium (formerly No Truce with the Furies, which I personally found the better title)
  • 3 Minutes to Midnight

Pretty short list so far. There’s some stuff from Kickstarter that might release this year, but right now I’m not really hyped for any of these. Also hoping for a few gems that fly under the radar until bam! they’re out and they are great!

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:ear: :snake:

I’m also hoping these ones will be out this year:

Tales of the Neon Sea

Especially Backbone (racoon detective).

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I tried the demo for Tales of the Neon Sea but couldn´t really get acquainted with the controls. But 198X sounds a lot like something I´d enjoy on the console! :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard other people say that, hm.

The demo is on steam, I thought you had tried it yourself?

It just made me re-appreciate the intuitive simplicity of good ole point´n´click when I fiddled around with it. that´s all.

Not yet, no.

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Oh, when is it coming out? I “bought” it alongside my new GPU. My new GPU came with 2 free games. I chose RE2 and DMC5. It probably won’t really be my cup of tea but you never know.

On the 25th.

Of this month already? Huh, I somehow thought it wasn’t until March or something. I guess that’s DMC5.

Yes, 24 days from now.

Too bad they messed up the distribution of this game. :angry:

It was fun, though. My favourite feature was that you could independent from difficulty choose to switch off getting knocked back by enemies on touching them, which makes it way easier already.

My To Play List 2019:

TWP - im new on P’n’C games
Shovel Knight
Hollow Knight
Stardew Valley