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The Ace Attorney thread (hints and impressions)


Even if it’s not a properly point’n’click adventure game, I want to put the Ace Attorney series in this category, because the game is an adventure.

So, how many of you guys did play Ace Attorney, or plans to do it?


I would play it if it would be available for the PC (DRM free). :slight_smile:


The easiest way is to download a Nintendo emulator (free), and load the game rom (.nds file), which you can legally use if you own a purchased copy of the game itself.

Made this legal speech, you can download one of these fine Nintendo DS emulators:

as for the game rom file, google the game name together with the “nds” extension.

The Ace Attorney series from start:

  • Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright
  • Ace Attorney: Justice for All
  • Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations

Don’t you need a firmware for the emulators?


No, it’s all inclusive.


But there is any DRM involved? The problem is, that you aren’t allowed in Germany to skip or remove DRM mechanisms. So if the Nintendo DS and/or the games are using a DRM system (within the firmware) then it would be illegal to use your proposed method - even if I purchase the games.


No, within the emulators there are no DRM mechanism.
It’s present only in the physical cartridge.
The rom file extracted from the cartridge is DRM free, there is no hacking.

You can legally use the rom file in the emulator if you own the original game (at least in Italy), but the rom file itself doesn’t require any DRM system to be read.

If in Germany that’s not legal anyway, you can play it on mobile (iOS only).

Here is the link to the Apple Store

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I’ve played them all, including Investigations 2.

The DRM is stupid and I consider Android completely lost money, but it’s a bit like watching a movie in a theater I suppose…

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Why hello there, ladies!

I’ve completed Dual Destinies, and I’m now playing Apollo Justice. That’s, erm, #5 and then #4 in the main series… because why not :wink: I’m currently on Case 4, at the end of the first investigation.


You like to play adventure games in the wrong order? :wink:

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I like to break 'em too :wink:


And that’s a lot of fun! :smiley:

btw: Does that mean that you broke Ace Attorney too? :slight_smile:

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Actually, I did make the word “Invalid Object” appear one time in Dual Destinies, in the tab where the speaking person’s name is supposed to go. That was when I investigated a new object after the main investigation aims for that room were complete.

I don’t have the evidence with me, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


You are really something else! :joy::joy::joy:
That’s incredible!


No, @tasse-tee is incredible! :smiley:


I like that series too. I am playing the HD Trilogy on iOS for years already. And I’m still at case three, because I unfortunately almost never play it.

However, I finished Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton collaboration. That was fun. :slight_smile:

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of which game? 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney :
Hilarious, clever, and with a finale worthy of Thimbleweed Park!


Yes sorry, the first one. It’s just very difficult and only playable if I use walkthrough. My brain is so old…

Now that you mention it! Indeed! You’re right! There is no objection from me. :wink:

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is PLvsPW released on iOS already?
I’ve played it only on Nintendo 3DS.


No, I think it’s not. Trilogy on iOS and PLvsPW on 3DS.

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