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The Ace Attorney thread (hints and impressions)

Nope. I’ve played only all the original handheld games. (Or close enough to it, seeing as the original Japanese AA came out on GBA.) I’ve never been interested in playing the remakes/remasters… As @tasse-tee said, the sharpness of the new graphics is just jarring for me.

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The Super Nintendo game?

Didn’t bother me in the post-DS versions. :slight_smile: But it might be weird on the GBA/DS versions.

The very same, or at least its DS remake. Definitely beat playing it on an SNES emulator :slight_smile:.

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Maybe I’m just too wedded to whatever version of a game I played first :slight_smile: Though I really, really did try giving the PS remakes of FF6 and ChronoTrigger a chance. Unfortunately in those cases, the loading times more than the graphics drove me nuts. (Of course, the graphics were not much different from the original SNES versions, so it probably doesn’t count. :slight_smile: )

The first three. The first was a bit odd in the way it retconned a fairly significant event that should have been brought up by the other games, but at least it didn’t resort to amnesia to make the tutorial part plausible :slight_smile:.

The other two cases so far were really good (except for the music that played in the tech company, which had been fitting for the Hotti Clinic, but felt quite out of place in a less crazy environment).

I’ve started the 4th case, but with what was eluded to at the beginning of the game, I’m sort of wondering how that will play out. To tell the truth, I’m a bit at a loss during the first cross-examination, which is the reason why I’ve taken a break. Hope I’ll see things clearer when I come back with a fresher mind.

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That’s one of the best cases.
I liked Godot a lot!

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He’s such a fun character. His coffee consumption has me worried, though :smile:.

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So I eventually completed case #4 (short, but pretty tough) and am well into case #5 now. And all I can say is “wow!”. I begin to see why @ZakPhoenixMcKracken considers the third to be the best part of the trilogy.

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The third one is with all the medium shenanigans? Yeah, that’s a good one. Apollo’s great too.

Yes, a very twisty plot with many… turnabouts :slight_smile:
The fifth case of the third game starts with the murder near this statue:

In what must be the greatest of coincidences, a few days before starting Trials and Tribulations I watched a video on archeology that showed the Shichishitō, only to find a certain Ace Detective presumably knocked out by that very same artifact. Can’t find the video any more, but here’s Wikipedia to the rescue:


Is your last name “Fey”, by any chance?!



Unfortunately, the only thing I likely have in common with Maya is the appetite :slight_smile:.

But what’s more, the article mentions that a replica of the Shichishitō is on display at the War Memorial in Seoul, which is one of the museums we visited the last time we’ve been to Korea. Though we mostly went for a temporary art exhibition and ignored the majority of the other rooms. I did wander through the historic section for a bit, but I don’t remember seeing it.


After about 80 hours (according to Steam) I’m finally done with the trilogy! The final verdict: quite entertaining, if slightly weird (in a good way).

I think quality wise there isn’t much difference between the three parts. I had the impression that the third part was a bit buggy in places, where certain events would not trigger during investigation unless I reloaded the game (on two different occasions). Though that one did do a good job with the cases and the overarching story.

My favorite quote is from part 2, though:

There are quite a number of funny and sometimes unflattering thoughts Phoenix has about various characters. The writing overall is pretty good, actually.

I would certainly play other entries in the series, provided they’ll eventually make their way onto the PC.


That must be exclusive to the remaster. :frowning:

Odd. I didn’t face any bugs on the DS original version.

Well, I wouldn’t want to rule out the possibility that it is related to running the game under Wine (or Proton, in that case). At least there aren’t any complaints on Steam about this as far as I can see, so it can’t be a widespread issue. Not that it was all that critical anyway, as just giving up and returning to the game later would actually resolve it. Seemed almost like some sort of race condition at play.

You are now ready to play the next chapter:
Apollo Justice.
The gameplay has new features… and a whole new story.


I do feel ready :laughing:.

But I’d really like to have a PC version I can run in my Windows emulator :wink:. I’ve seen there are mobile (phone) versions too, but I’m under the impression that phone apps don’t really have such a long life unless they are continously adapted to newer OSes. And the prices for a (used) DS copy are not very friendly either. 27€ is nearly double the amount I paid for the trilogy. Guess I will have to wait and see what the future holds.

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The following is for who has already played Ace Attorney game 2 (aka “Justice for all”), case 1.

You know, the whole case revolves around a word. A (mi)spelled name.
Well… David Fox’s wife, Annie Fox, some time ago used to make videos on YouTube, where she interviewed persons talking about educational stuff.
I loved those videos.
But… what is the relationship with Ace Attorney?

Look at the name of the interviewed…

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