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The Controller Topic


How compares the Xbox One to those in your opinion? Have you played with Xbox 360 D-pad before?


So, small update on that Xbox One trigger rumble feature. Rise of the Tomb Raider didn’t have it on Steam, but Shadow of the Tomb Raider does!

It’s… interesting in small quantities.


I flit between keyboard and controller depending on the type of game and which platform I’m playing on.

If I’m playing Sega/Nintendo games on the retro pi I’ll obviously use a controller, though a PS one rather than classic Mega Drive (which would be my preference - I wonder if there’s a way to hook that up :thinking:).

If I’m on the PC playing adventure games I’m definitely on the keyboard, and same with most puzzle/non-platform games. Even those that combine the two (like Limbo or Little Nightmares) I’ll mostly use keyboard unless there are any tricky moves.

If I’m playing games on the PC that require speed or multitasking (like Portal) I’ll begrudgingly use the Xbox 360 controller. Sure, it’s more comfortable on the hands, but modern controllers have too many buttons! :older_woman: I think I’m used to lots of keyboard combinations from old DOS games and such.

I had a joystick with my first PC but couldn’t get on with it. That’s probably Space Ace’s fault more than anything else, though.

The thought of using a controller with a mobile always seemed weird and a bit pointless until I did it to beta test TWP. It was actually quite practical and felt surprisingly natural. But it probably wouldn’t come up much as an option unless I start carrying a controller around with me :laughing:

(I know you didn’t ask for a history but I read ‘The Controller Topic’ and just ran with it.)


Nintendo thought it’s a good idea et voilà… I hate consoles but if I would buy one then it would be a Nintendo Switch. (I even already own a game on this platform :slight_smile:)



The most recent two game-specific computing devices I own are a DS Lite and a Wii. If I bought a console, it’d be a Switch for sure.

I already have an “Xbox” (R9 270X + Xbox One controller) anyway.


Actually come to think of it maybe I used a mouse and keyboard for that one… I’m not backtracking, I just have baked beans for a memory.


But you don’t have all those cool features which you’d have when being locked-in on such a closed platform! :wink:

There may be adapters, but maybe it’s better to buy a retro-styled (Mega Drive / Genesis) USB controller instead in this case. You could just play and wouldn’t have to care about breaking that controller.

You better have! :wink:


Yeah, probably makes the most sense. Though I’ve never broken a controller yet. Clearly not aggressive enough :wink:


Not like that, but press the buttons enough and they’ll deteriorate. :slight_smile:


I don’t believe you. You must be crushing them, replacing them every week or so!


You got me! But that only happens after midnight.


The Nintendo d-pad was way better than the SEGA directional pad. The reason why SEGA’s is inferior is because Nintendo patented the design. It’s also why Playstation had that horrible “4 button” design (better than SEGA’s, but hard on the thumb). SEGA wanted to play as safe as possible, HORI released a Mega Drive controller with a genuine d-pad but they had a license from Nintendo to use it (I’m not sure Nintendo intended for that licence to allow them to make controllers with d-pads for their competitors though). Here’s a photo of my one:

Full size photo

And here’s a bunch of SNES controllers:

Full size photo

The four along the top are Nintendo-banded licensed controllers - SNES (PAL), SNES (NTSC), SFC, SFC (1997 version). SNES mouse too is a Nintendo-branded licensed controller. There are three Hori pads (the “Super Game Boy” pad is a Hori pad), all licensed. The Asciiware pad is licensed. The two honey bee controllers are the only unlicensed/3rd-party controllers in the photo.

I have a heap more SNES controllers, if you’re getting in to classic consoles my two pieces of advice are - don’t buy “after-market” controllers, they’re total shit, and, don’t buy “after-market” power adapters or cheap switching adapters - they’re also shit and likely to fry your system.


My left thumb doesn’t care about patents. :smile: