Atari Flashback 8

A gift from a friend!
It includes two joysticks with serial port 9 pins!
105 integrated games


That’s rad! I think Ron Gilbert would approve…

Now all we need is someone to create a little console version of a C64 with all the classic Lucasfilm games on it.


Isn’t it possible to mod the C64 Mini? (Or Mini C64 or however this thing is called…)

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I think it is. Connecting a keyboard to a keyboard in order to be able to type is still one of the stupidest things ever.


Let us know if those joysticks are still as ergonomical to handle… they look like the real thing : boxy, chunky, misleading circle around a 4-directional stick to make you believe you can move in any direction,…

And what games you like (old and new favorites)?

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I have the flashback 6 and it´s awesome (I think they have added only one game each for the last two updated ones). It came with two wireless controllers that need batteries and aren´t very good(very minor delay and just not the right feel). However you can still connect the classic ones to it and you can even still buy them for a good price if you need to!

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Games included and tested: pong, pitfall, space invaders, Adventure (yes, the one present in the Ready Player One movie).
Joysticks are the original ones: boxy, chunky, and so on.
It’s funny anyway, a dive into the past