Gamepad issues on Sony bravia android TV

I just bought thimblweed park for my sony bravia tv. I have an xbox controller connected to the tv and it works to navigate the tv and other games, but not thimbleweed! No response what so ever. I’m now left with only the remote to control the game, which is to tedious to be playable. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

If it’s a an Xbox controller and it generally works but not in the game then I’m afraid the Android version of TWP may not support controllers at all.

Have you tried using a mouse with Android? This should work better than playing with that remote.

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Thank you for your reply! I do believe this version of the game is designed to be played with a gamepad. When I installed the game it was stated that a gamepad was required to play the game, and the help section specifically displays an xbox controller type gamepad with labels for each button and what it does. However, using a mouse is a good plan b. I might resort to that if my gamepad problems persist.

Good luck getting the controller to work! It’s my favorite game ever, but I played it in on PC. I found a combination of keyboard shortcuts + mouse worked best.

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Thank you! I’m a big fan of the lucas film/arts adventure games of the 90s, so I am really looking forward to playing TWP. Using a mouse was of course the goto way of playing all of those back in the day. My problem is how and where my tv is situated. I’ll try to fix that…

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TWP works great with keyboard + mouse.
It works also well with a touchscreen (fat fingers covering the art is a little annoying).

But a controller works really well too! (Xbox controller on PC at least).
The only thing I had to tweak was to map most used verbs to controller buttons.


I would give that a go if I had an Xbox. But I got used to the 3 rows of verbs mapping to the 3 rows of keys…

…and the nice thing about working from home was having TWP loaded on my backup laptop, while still keeping an eye on work.

:shushing_face: Shh! Don’t tell, it was only on slow days I swear



Why would anyone want a restricted, DRM’d PC (i.e. an Xbox) when you can have a real PC?

The controllers are still great, though :video_game: :slight_smile:

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