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The MemeTron 3000


I got given soooo many copies of that book as a child…


Just googled “What Katie Did” and got very confused!


Hahaha, I see why. Seems that book title has been used for all sorts of thongs. Things.

I dread to think what ‘What Katie Did Next’ (the sequel) sells.


“Bridal Headwear and wedding accessories” it turns out! Kinda sorta seems to make sense!


Oh! It does. I’m glad they thought that through.


And I see now why I got those results because the books spell it “Katy”.


Oh, so it does. I must’ve erased that from the trauma of my memory. God, I must’ve really hated getting that book.


The title is a play on the katydid, a family of insects

I can see how that can be annyoing. Kinda like people telling me “oh did you now you have the name of a bird?” for the millionth time(the Red Kite is called “Milan” in german).


I’m not sure anyone’s ever said that actually. Probably because I’m an ‘ie’ though.

They are kinda cute though so I wouldn’t mind

Same with red kite - could be a lot worse :wink:


Not to mention a city in Italy, and… wait, over 15 towns and cities in the United States?! :open_mouth:


Why am I not on this list? :cry:


Is it because you’re actually 2. Milan the Leather Boy?


Oh, what company to be in!

But hey this isn´t actually that bad!


It doesn’t look like there’s actually that much leather involved.


Just Corey Feldman gazing at trees.


There are rumors that say if you (stranger) want to visit Italy, and Venice in particular, you must watch out for restaurants: they could be really expensive, if you don’t pay attention.
Even Guybrush Threepwood knows it well:



And now for an important question.





There is a Crosby Stills and Nash live album where they introduce a song and keep on raving and joking about the expression “diggin it” and someone goes “what key is this song in?” “D as in diggin!” Unfortunatly I can´t remember which album or song that was right now.


I don’t think I know that one :thinking:

One of the Live at Woodstock ones maybe?


It´s probably an obvious one like 4 Way Street, it´s definitly in the acoustic set.