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The real movie which Monkey Island story was inspired from

The DVD looks something like this:


I think it’s just a coincidence. But… what a coincidence:


Anyway, I think Elain was prettier with no moustache.



I might have seen that one when I was young (predating Monkey Island), as I watched almost all Bud Spencer & Terence Young movies.
I don’t have it on DVD though - only 1 collection of 6 movies.

YES! So, they changed the title to BLACKIE THE PIRATE in the English version!
It’s that very movie!

Blackie the pirate… Chuckie the plant… I see what is going on here.


Just some Wiki for everyone who might be interested.

“Il Corsaro Nero” is the title of the novel which the movie was inspired from.
In Italy “The Black Corsair” is an iconic character. He’s THE pirate, even for people who didn’t read Salgari’s book. Many movies were based upon that novel.

I think they changed the international title because they thoght that the reference to Salgari might have been too obscure… I’m quite confident the only Salgari’s character who’s really globally famous is Sandokan.


Basically you can hold up Monkey Island to any classic pirate film and you’ll probably find some fairly clear visual parallels. Most of the stuff in this movie is long-established pirate tropes.

I don’t have too many of 'em on DVD, just three I think, but I watched a ton of them back in the day.

This particular one isn’t a Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movie, but a movie with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill in it. Not necessarily a bad thing I suppose, as the Spencer & Hill movies get a lot more formulaic. But this movie can’t really decide if it’s a comedy or a drama and both parts suffer for it. My Name is Nobody sort of does the same thing but much more successfully.


It is quite obscure, too. I think most of italian people have never heard of it, including me until today.

I’ve found the movie online, hosted by Dailymotion.
It’s in italian language, no subtitles.
Part 1
Part 2

In Italian?
Are you saying that these guys didn’t speak English whilst moving their lips a bit oddly?!?


:open_mouth: I thought they are speaking German…

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I’ve actually seen many of them in German. :wink:

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Most likely they acted speaking in English, and in post production they were dubbed in Italian (even if a good part of the cast is Italian). Back then it costed less money this way.

Yesterday evening I watched the movie. Thank you for the link! It is exactly what I needed to relax a bit. And I liked the acting roles of Hill and Spencer which are different from usual, before this couple’s formula was established. The plot goes on in the second part not as balanced as it could between drama and fun, as @Frenzie said, but in the end I liked it.
As for the original language of acting: it is likely that it was acted in Italian, and Spanish, depending on the nationality of the cast.
I can be quite sure, reading their lips, that Hill, Spencer and some other actors acted in italian (even if dubbed in their very same language) while Don Pedro (spanish actor Francisco Martinez Celeiro) and Carmen (spanish actress Aurora Julià) probably acted in Spanish. It is an italian-spanish co-production after all.


@Sushi said he may or may not have seen it as a kid. I was the one who provided an opinion on the movie. :smiley:


I didn’t know they did a pirate movie. Then again, I never bothered with Terence Hill movies. I found the Bud Spencer solo movies more entertaining.

So the opposite of what the tread title suggest. Then, “The movie which inspired Monkey Islands’ settings and characters” would be more like it, I guess.

More like a beat 'em up kind of movie, I suspect, right? Explains LeChuck’s strong punch.

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That Mancomb look alike also looks like Sal Vulcano with a real beard.

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Think more My Name is Nobody with pirates than Trinity.


I’ve heard MI2 and big Whoop is based on


Afaik, Monkey Island 2 was based on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which also leads to the entire theme park idea.

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