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The real movie which Monkey Island story was inspired from

Afaik, Monkey Island 2 was based on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which also leads to the entire theme park idea.

While we’re on the topic of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies that inspired video games… there is also a video game based on their movies apparently (wait- that is actually the same thing!- oh well)

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Video games based on movies happen a lot, and rarely are worth it.
Likewise movies based on video games are rarely worth it.
Of course, there certainly are outstanding exceptions, but still rare.
Maybe we could make a threads to list those exceptions.

I was simply surprised that after more than 30 years someone thought of creating a game of what was a popular film series in the 70s and 80s.
I’ve played my share of bad movie adaptations, no worries. :wink:


Here’s one I haven’t seen:

Yes, I had met the guys while they were programming SLAPS’N’BEANS. They got the IP for the characters and music, too, thanks to a good Kickstarter program. They raised enough money to develop a good game.
I have it in my Steam library, it seems to play inside a Bud Spencer & Terence Hill’s compilation of movies!


Bud Spencer was an italian actor, his real name was Carlo Pedersoli, he passed away in 2016;
Also Terence Hill is italian, his real name is Mario Girotti.
I’m not sure what was the original language of their movies; (almost) all of them were italian productions, mostly with italian actors.

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To be honest, he always stated (quite playfully) to be neapolitan, not italian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interestingly enough, Terence Hill is half italian (on his father’s side), half german (on his mother’s side) :it: :de:, and lived some years of his childhood in Lommatzsch, before coming back to Italy.


It was aired very often in the late nineties on TV here, especially on hours suitable for children like sunday afternoons. Probably a nice choice to watch with kids. It’s a variation on the theme of the tale of the Genius and Aladdin. In my memories I find it difficult to distinguish from another title, The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid, in which similarly Bud stars together with a kid.

Oh and… no, even if there’s a town in the United States, a sheriff, and strange and paranormal things happening… that’s not a movie which Thimbleweed Park was inspired by :upside_down_face:.

It sounds like …
“Uno sceriffo extraterrestre… poco extra e molto terrestre” ?

Was that the movie’s english title?
Dude… who translated the title? :smiley:

I remember that movie.
The kid was the one who starred in “Close encounters of the third kind”.

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