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Thimbleweed Park Ending Praise Thread


The sudden lack of music and sounds also helped!


Note to self: pay more attention when you have several tabs open. I thought I was still in the jogging thread when I read this…


This wouldn’t help at all… (the lack of music etc.)


I´d be more worried about total lack of sound when I´m out jogging…:scream:


I loved the ending too. But not just for the twist, but for the meaning the game had for me.

I’m a professional software developer and a wannabe adventure game designer. I entered computer science because of my love for videogames, and most of that love was due to Monkey Island.

So when I backed TWP I was already happy I could help bring back to life my old love. Then came the blog, the comments, I saw an engine grow up, the art grow up and so on, I could also contribute to the library… I felt part of the whole story.

And then came the ending. This game was… a game. The game itself was referencing its history, the very same history I followed every day for more than a year. Going back to kickstarter (I didn’t even have to, I remembered precisely what I had to do) was a wonderful way to close the circle and get back to WHY I backed it: because a small GIF image where you use a balloon animal on a pixellated corpse. I couldn’t not love it… but then came the wireframe. That was really moving.

As I said, I’ve always wanted to develop adventure games. So, being able to see how TWP looked like, how it was at the time I was constantly refreshing the blog to have some updates, was wonderful. It told another story, a development story, and it was fascinating for me. It was like discovering a bunch of old photos you didn’t know you had.

So, yes, I love the ending. And not just for the meta part. Maybe I’d have found it a bit cliché, if it were another game. But for TWP, it was the perfect ending for the 2 years I spent on this game.


@Guga I can resonate with your feelings. It was a good ending to a good story that begun before the release date.


I’d have liked even more stuff based on that concept, it’s a really cool idea…

Reminded me of in Space Quest IV how you go “back in time” to the first game and interact with the basic graphics… I think that’s probably my favorite concept any adventure game has had…


In Tiberian Sun iirc at one point you have to reactivate a base from the original C&C.


In Pifall: the Mayan adventure, you encounter the 8-bit version of a scorpion that walked right out of the original game. Sure enough if you trace back where it came from, you can play the original Pitfall!


There’s a somewhat similar sequence in Book of Unwritten Tales 2