Yet another silly poll

Thimbleweed Park was released almost 5 years ago (March 30, 2017). Since then, how many times have you completed the game?

  • None. Too busy looking for specks of dust!
  • Just once
  • Twice
  • Thrice
  • Too many to count!

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First one, normal,
Second one, casual.
Third one, with italian voices.

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Well, the poll lacks my option: :wink:

First play: English
Second play: Only the different endings
Third play: German until I had to stop playing in the middle of the game due to the lack of time.
Fourth play: Mobile version in my vacations until I had to stop playing in the middle of the game. :grin:

So actually I played it 1 + 1/64 + 1/2 + 1/2 times. I’ve estimated that with 2 times. :smile:


Oh right, casual mode.

I voted twice but it’s actually three times for me too.

I voted thrice.

  1. Normal with German subs on Mac
  2. Casual with English subs on Mac
  3. English on Switch.

I started with Ransomes Swear Words patch on the Mac, but didn’t finish it, and I started on mobile, but I don’t recall if I’ve finished or not.


Oh right! That’s why I was thinking I played a bunch twice but didn’t finish it.

It’s interesting to see that TWP seems to be highly replayable. :smiley: (Similar to most of the other LucasFilm/Arts adventures.)


I voted Once since one is the only full consecutive palythrough
If you put together various chunks of gameplay, maybe 2 to 3 times

I’m torn on whether we should get more None votes to have the poll result in proper ascending order, or whether we should get some pitchforks and eject the existing None voters from the forum :smiley:.

But seriously: I played exactly once, but at some point in the future I’ll have to make a playthrough with the Unbeeped DLC.


Btw., the poll is weird. With the 18 votes at present, we have 7.02 persons finish once, 5.94 finish twice, 3.06 finish thrice, 1.08 drown in specks of dust and a sad 9/10th of a person that stopped counting.

Why not show fractions of the percentages instead of mutilating people, @discobot?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

in other words:

  • 7 persons and 2 fingers
  • 5 persons and one without 6 fingers
  • 3 persons and 6 fingers

No wonder they lost track of how often they finished the game then :smiley:

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Obviously once you get to a certain number of playthroughs, TWP eats part of you and YOU ARE NO LONGER WHOLE. :wink:

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Twice. I played through when it first came out. Then when the mini game came out I played that but it made me want more. So I went back and played the full game a second time. This was nice because things like the main characters being able to talk to each other were added, so it was a bit different. Then I played the mini game a second time through as well.