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Thimbleweed Park Update 917 is live

I must say I really admire you for all the work you keep doing on the game. I really missed dialogues among the playable characters, so this is a very precious update for me. Accessing the hint line through the phone makes everything even more “meta”… argh… with.another.theory!!! :smiley:


Chobin… :heart_decoration:

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We had to do it that way first to find out why it wasn’t workable. Learning experience all around. Fortunately I just did hints for the Delores flashback before abandoning the idea.

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I wonder why this is not updaded into my GOG collection… :confused:

GOG needs some time before new versions appear online. I think they need the time to wrap the GOG installer around the games … Just wait a few hours. :slight_smile:

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I thought this affects manual downloads only because they have to create installers.
But I just installed GOG Galaxy and there is no new GOG build in sight, contrary to what Ron said here:

This was a great surprise - can’t believe you guys went to the effort of getting the voice crew back in to add this extra bit of polish. Much appreciated!

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Yes, I thought that too. I haven’t ever released a game through GOG so I can’t give an answer to that. But maybe @RonGilbert has stopped the upload due to some of the (new) bugs (for example with the keys)?

We didn’t upload the GOG version yesterday due to wanting to fix some bugs that were found. The new GOG and Steam builds will go up in an hour or so. It takes GOG a while before they are live if you’re not using Galaxy.

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Great update! Certainly will appreciate the character dialogue, and the hint line could certainly have helped me a bit as well.

I do remember calling the LFG hint line once, since I couldn’t for my life find the pixel to click in Indy3 to make the leap of faith. Turns out they couldn’t help either. I managed eventually, but don’t think I could ever reliably solve that “puzzle”. Taught me the valuable lesson of not wasting money on stuff like that. So glad the TWP hint line is free :slight_smile:

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You just need to have faith.
After entering this room just click on the exit, done. :slight_smile:

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The leap of faith isn´t that hard because you just click on the exit but I think kaiman might be refering to the first trial where you really only can click one certain single pixel, and I found that pretty difficult to acheive even knowing which one it´s supposed to be.

Now I’m embarrassed. Good for you that there’s no hate button :wink:

Makes perfect sense, too! I was always under the impression that I had to line up Indy just right and then sorta click on the right spot. Guess in that case, having seen the movie was actually detrimental to figuring out the correct solution.

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The room with the blade? No, it was indeed the last room, with the chasm that needed crossing. Since you could only save before the first trial, I probably could have done the first two blind, so often had I attempted the last to no avail :-).

The first maybe but the second one with the many letters that change anytime?

I spoke literally figuratively. The 2nd one was trivial if you’d seen the movie, though.

There´s a few puzzles that help if you´ve seen the movie aren´t they?

Definitely. But I take that as proof of how well the source material was adapted. Given that it’s an action film at heart, they really did a great job with that game!

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As I´ve said previously I really like the way they acknowledged the fact that they just couldn´t adapt certain action scenes (the scene at the ship where Indy retreives the cross, the venice canal boat chase and the tank chase at the end) and just skipped them entirely. But when certain chracters question the appearance of others (Indy being wet in Barnett College, Marcus being wet in venice and dusty at the grail temple) they just brush it off with fourth wall breaking and a simple “Don´t Ask”. I thought that was a fantastic idea!


Since I’ve played the game before seeing the movie I have to say they made quite a good job with that movie :slight_smile:

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