Did I find a bug in the new update?

In one of the final sequences in the game I tried to have Ransome talk to Delores and the game crashed with this error. It was the sequence where you had to solve each characters final puzzle. It doesn’t seem to happen every time, but I figured I should report it just in case. The save I was using was from the original release version, or very close to it since I bought the game a week after release.

Edit: They were both standing in the diner.

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I didn´t get this far. My download paused claiming some “content data is locked”.

whaat? the new update is here?? :slight_smile:

The hint line and character interactions are a good touch. I’m gonna have to play it again to hear all the new dialogue.

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So I am getting this error message:

A File of Thimbleweed Park is locked by and can´t be updated please close this program and try again.

Program: ??0/N
File: C:\Programfiles\Steam\steamapps\common\Thimbleweed Park\Thimbleweed Park.exe

Might be a pain in the rear with a slower internet connection, but that message makes me think to try deleting and reinstalling the game.

Never mind, it seems to work now. I have no idea what that was nor why it suddenly stopped being an issue.

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Now having played the update I can confirm this gamecrashing bug and I get the same message. I got it inside the factory.

Interesting. OK, I looked at it and found the issue. I happens if you talk to Delores after you’ve been in the secret backroom and Franklin as the crystal.

It will go up in a patch later today… thanks for the find.


Thanks for replying to my humble post, oh point-and-click master.