New update for Thimbleweed Park: build 938

It’s build 1410.938 for PC+Steam.

I have just downloaded it and I’m giving it a quick look.

If somebody already knows what has changed, let me/us know! :slight_smile:


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Pew! Pew! Pew!


Deleted, as requested, an observation about a new object. :slight_smile:

Yep. It should be the same enhanced version as was released on PS4, including the shiny arcade room.

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I just found what is needed to play to the videogames in the arcade room!!
Eheheh, Meteor Menace is the best one!!!

The build isn’t life on GOG Galaxy yet :frowning:
And I’m not eager ordering ar PS4… or starting this Steam thing.

I have deleted the post because people might not resist the temptation of clicking the “spoiler blur”. :slight_smile:

But to be frank, about the other visible parts of the post, I really really really don’t think that acknowledging the presence of that object or citing the default action you can do with it (but not what the player has to do with it) were spoilers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s better that way.
So did the room change a lot to the original art assets we saw?

It’s like opening a desk drawer and discovering an old object, that you knew it had to be there, because you knew that you needed that object…


Beware, spoilers ahead. Don’t click the following blurred sentence unless you want to know what the arcade room looks like inside:

A few things have changed. The name of all videogames has been slightly changed. And “Video Fever” has been replaced with “Tuna Head”. The rest is pretty much identical to what we saw.

Oh look a new puzzle chain that appearantly is very easy but I for the life of me can´t figure out!

Like I really needed another reason to a feel like a stupid idiot this week…

I’m not clicking that, and I take this as a yes.
Btw. it’s live now on GOG Galaxy, too bad I have to work.

For those who already played the arcade games: if the person who set all the highscores is the one I’m thinking of, then it’s really a brilliant joke!

(Don’t click if you haven’t played yet)

I thought of THAT sister… eheheh!!! It’s the same thing for you?

No, you aren’t.
It’s hard, and it involves an easter egg. You can discover it only if you play in normal mode.
It’s very hard if you have already finished the game, because there is a new object that wasn’t there in earlier versions of the game, so you have to act as if you were a newbie user, walking in every known locations. But the object is there, visible in plain sight, not hidden.

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And am I able to find this thing (which is needed to play to the videogames) BEFORE I go to the county?


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That’s exactly how I felt when I found the object – it all made sense instantaneously.

Below is a non-spoilery comment completely free of spoilers and absolutely spoiler free. I am blurring it just to be extra cautious, but I promise it is spoiler free, safe, and not spoilery.

Also, it has no spoilers.

To all those who can’t figure it out, don’t worry, it is actually very simple and related to something you probably already found in the past. Don’t think too hard about it, just explore like a newbie (as someone suggested).

I promise you that once you see the object you will instantly recognize it and immediately realize exactly what to do next.



I searched:

All of the sewers
Trestle Trail
Cemetary(except the crypt)
All streets of the town
All enterable locations of the town
All rooms in the circus
All rooms in the Mansion
The radio station and tower
Most of the factory (see below)
The trailhead (including the part you only reach with the head and yes I saw that new note)

I didn´t search (because I don´t have a save for it)

Most of the hotel (including Thimblecon)
The part of the factory that is only open temporarily
The pizza van and the secret meeting
The part of the sewers you can only get into when abducted

So am I stupid, blind or both?

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