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Hello everyone,

i actually don’t know how to phrase this so i guess i’ll start like that:
I myself am an original backer from the kickstarter and enjoyed the hell out of this game. It is a really great game. So why am i writing about twitch? I’m not a twitch streamer, but i’d like to advertise for one if this is ok. If it’s not, please tell me. I will reveal the name of the gamer in an answer to this post if it’s ok as to not break any guidelines.
The streamer in question wants to start playing Thimbleweed Park (TM C R) starting Monday at 12 pm EST and then wants to play it every week Monday and Tuesday until he is through with it. I thought it would be nice if a few of here could join as well and see someone fresh in the game discover everything and maybe get that feeling back we had when we were o so young and started playing Thimbleweed Park.

So would it be ok to share the name of the streamer?


Absolutely yes, no problem!

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Thank you, i was banned from a subreddit for promoting a twitch streamer.
The name of the Streamer is XtianNinja and he streams regularly. He will start playing Thimbleweed Park next Monday and Tuesday at 12pm EST it would be great if some on here could show up and cheer him on and maybe help him when he gets stuck.
The Link would be:

I’ll be there and can’t wait to see him discover the game Ron put so much effort in.
So see you on Twitch i’d say :slight_smile:

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For European users: 12pm EST =

  • 18:00 (Rome)
  • 17:00 (London)
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I keep forgetting to tune in! It’s annoying that Twitch doesn’t email you anymore when a streamer you’re following goes live. :frowning: Or I just haven’t found the setting to make it do so.

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