TWP streaming event - with kenobit (official italian translator)

To celebrate the first anniversary of Thimbleweed Park, Fabio Bortolotti (the official italian translator of Thimbleweed Park) will make a live streaming, where he and his friends will unbox a physical copy of the game, play it and answer to every user question.

The live streaming will be via, starting at 21:30 CEST (12:30 PT).

User: kenobisboch


Does he know about the fandub project? You´re working with this text afterall.

Yes, he is in our public telegram group.


Is this in Italian only or will he speak English (too)?

Usually, he speaks in italian. But sometimes, especially when David Fox was live via Skype, he speaks in english :smiley:
So I suppose that, for the most time, the streaming will be in italian. Anyway you can chat anytime, and ask for an english part.

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Here’s a link to a similar event about Zak McKracken, with the presence of David Fox, it was a really nice one!

This time, @RonGilbert could join… who knows… never say never! :slight_smile:


Yeah, featuring Kenobit, David Fox and the other human being.

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That should be starting now? The link doesn’t seem to open a stream though.

@Sushi Here you go!


he’s unboxing right now!

Haha I just saw Tasse-tee say hi to Zak.


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken haha no I’m not there, I’m here.

Oh a live unboxing? This explains why Boris is still alive.

I need to get into Twitch. It looks quite fun.

As I haven’t speakers here at the moment and don’t speak Italian, I don’t understand anything - except the discussion between @tasse-tee and @ZakPhoenixMcKracken. :wink:

Me too, @Someone :laughing:


Is there a “learn Italian in 15 minutes” course somewhere around?

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Oh hi folks, did I miss something?



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Can’t say - I haven’t understood anything. :slight_smile:

Can I rewatch somewhere? So far this one doesn´t seem to be archived.