No Feds allowed! Unless you have a really good disguise


To celebrate David Fox’s arrival into London we are trying to gather a group of Thimbleweed Park fans together for a small meetup at the Loading Bar in Shepherd’s Bush on the 20th May 2019.

@David, @boosegoose, Concha and myself will be in attendance and are planning to arrive at the bar around 8:30 PM. We would love to meet as many of you as possible.

We are hoping to arrange for Thimbleweed Park to be playable at the venue so if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to re-play the game then this is it!

The Loading Bar is situated in Shepherd’s Bush (Address: Loading Shepherds Bush, 174 Goldhawk Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, London W12 8HJ)


Really looking forward to meeting some of you who live near London. And the weekend before that I’ll be in Warsaw at Pixelheavenfest… feel free to bring game boxes or posters you might want me (or any of the other Thimbleweed Park team) to sign. Extra points for Thimbleberry Pie.


If someone brings a Thimbleberry pie then I’ll give them a boxed copy of the game for PC.


I’m coming along to this :slightly_smiling_face: looking forward to meeting you guys and anyone else who makes it. That bar looks amazing.

Challenge accepted! Just need to go forage for some thimbleberries (I don’t think Waitrose stocks them).


Or you can forage for them in the dark forest. Just don’t forget your gloves!


Aww… too bad. I really can’t meet up with you! :worried:

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Sorry, I won’t be able to make it. Hope you have a nice time!

And I love the Nickel News front page, @robert.megone :smile:


Which TWP users will attend the meeting?

I’m hoping to come drive up to this (even tho it’s on a “school night” :wink: )
As it’d be great to meet Dave & hang out with you guys. :nerd_face:

(I’d also offer to give @boosegoose a lift - but I’m not 100% sure I can make it ATM :man_shrugging: )

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Aw, it’s a Monday evening. I’d have joined, on a weekend. Next time!

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Wrong country, wrong time -.-

Could Italy be a good country for you? :wink:

(You don’t need to answer)

OK I think I need to explain. :smiley:
It´s just too far away for a week day…

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Same for me.

I’d like to go, but can’t. Weekday. And it would cost ~€800 with 14 hour travel time, or ~€500 with 26 hour travel time. Plus accommodation.

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Too bad I’ll be in London a few weeks after :frowning:

Have fun! and would love to see some pics of the gathering, please share some here.

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Here are some pics. We had a great time!

It was a really cool bar, too. They had a great range of board games - hoping to go back and play some.

Thanks to the dev team for organising!

My thimbleberry pie!

I should’ve taken more but that would’ve meant less time chatting!


Here some more pictures:


:plate_with_cutlery: oh nice! did you get the xpointsandsignedboxedcopy?! :smiley:

thanks for sharing the photos @PiecesOfKate


It might be a postal situation. I don’t think anyone actually expected me to bring the pie :laughing:

I did get something else that was pretty cool though, which I’ll post later.