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Threw away bottle, do I have to start anew?


Well, the title says it all. I played more than 5 hrs. Now I need money for the copy machine. The help system tells me I get 5 ct for bottle refund. But I threw the green bottle in the trash and the whiskey bottle doesn’t seem to work. Do I have to play everything again?

Oh, I have made saved games, but only in one slot. When I wanted to load the saved game I saw that TWP autosaves. WTF??? So, I have no chance to get back to where I was before.


No. The game itself gives you an important clue. In the very same place you found the bottle you had a dialogue with a pigeon concerning dead ends in adventure games… :blush: so no dead ends in TWP! Seems you have to find another bottle!
But, sure, if you start again from scratch and you manage not to throw the bottle away, it’ll work anyway.


Hi Ema. Thanks for your reply. I saw it too late, so I started again. Actually, with everything known I got pretty quickly to where I had to stop before. :wink: