Bottle graveyard

There is no bottle near the graveyard. I searched again and again (i have Seen a screenshot of the location in a soluce website). I even tried to start a New game but still non bottle…please help, i really enjoy this game but i a am stucked because i have nothing to give to Léonard in exchange of 50 cent…

It’s along the street between the bridge where you find the body and the town. I’m not sure if the location is always the same, but there’s lots of littering, so look in both sides of the road

Thanks, but i have already looked everywhere along the road four Times…maybe someone could take a screenshot ?

I’m not sure if the bottle appears always in the same place, but here is a screenshot:

Are you playing on Casual Mode, by any chance? If so, there’s no bottle there at all, since it’s not needed.

I had this doubt, but I checked AdventureGamers’ walkthrough of Casual mode and it said the bottle was there, although not used for puzzles :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your Replay, yes i play in casual mode. And definitively, there is no bottle at the spot in the screenshot. If not needed, how can i get 50 cent to make a copy of the maps ?

In casual mode you don’t need money to use the photocopier.

If your are following a walkthrough, check that it is for casual mode, because the two modes are quite different. Casual mode has less puzzle and a simplified story.

Also, for hints, it’s better to use the in-game hint line - just dial 4468 on any phone (e.g. the cell phone that Agent Ray has in her inventory). This line will give you incremental hints that are only for the mode you’re playing in, so there’s no risk of confusion.


Thank you. Indeed money is not required to make a copy of the maps…i Can keep playing !

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How the heck did you get stuck?

She wasn’t stuck in the game. She was stuck in the solution.

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