Timeline please

I am confused (partially because my attention span is low due to internet use): what is the time sequence. It seems the Ransom the Clown makeup incident seems to have happenend a long time ago. But then he claims his Ransome doll didnt get ahead because of Franklin having disappeared. Which seems to have happened like only a short time ago. Can somebody enlighten me?

Ransome was trying to plan a comeback. His deal with Franklin would have occurred long after the curse.

Based on eviction notices in Ransome’s trailer, he’s been cursed for at least 5 years, as there would be no reason to evict a successful clown from an active circus. Also note the disrepair of the circus tents. That sort of damage wouldn’t have happened in just a few weeks.

Yes, several years in the past.

Yes, he claims that in more recent times.

You’ll find a partial timeline in the following post:

Also Delores in the circus audience is a small child in the flashback.

So Dave and Sandy are different from the ones of MM? Since they appear at least 10 years older.

There is an hypothesis that I have read on Steam forums: the events of Thimbleweed Park take place in the same fictional universe of Maniac Mansion, just years later. If that’s actually the case, then it would make sense that Dave and Sandy are older.

A lot of references are just for fun, like it was in many older games (otherwise Zak, Sam&Max, DOTT etc. play in the same universe as Indy…).

Sandy and Dave act like on old, married couple, but maybe they just had a though relationship becoming like this in just several months :slight_smile:
Or they could be just in there as a gag without real continuity with Maniac Mansion.

On the Steam forum was one interesting explanation by RavenWings:

My best guess is, that Maniac Mansion was developed by Dolores at MMucasFlem, thats why the game features locations and characters from her “real” life

Well that Delores is Rons alter ego is pretty clear isnt it? Apart from all in game evidence, look at Rons twitter avatar.
I would really like to know why Ron left Lucasart, I think smthg bad must have happened.

From an article on “The World of Monkey Island”:

Was it more important for you to leave LucasArts when you did instead of finishing the story you had begun?

It was important for me to leave because I really wanted to be more than just a game designer. I felt that I had learned a lot about the entire process of making games from marketing to sales to distribution and I wanted to try all of that on my own. I was a little burnt out on Monkey Island after spending the last 2 years of my life working on them (not to mention the 2 years before that thinking about them).

“An Interview With Ron Gilbert”, from PC Gamer UK, January 1999, issue #65. Re-published by “The SCUMM Bar”:

With the release of the new Star Wars films and the attention that LucasArts’ games division is going to get as a result, surely there’s never been a better time to be part of the Lucas Empire. Why did you leave the company and do you have any regrets about doing so?

I’d been with the company for eight years. I had a great time there, and achieved a lot, and I really enjoyed working with everyone, but I felt that it was time to move on.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to still work there, yet I’ve never regretted leaving LucasArts. It’s funny, actually, because I still talk to a lot of the people there, and there’s two very different sides to that story. There are people saying that it’s wonderful that they can work on some new Star Wars games, and there are people saying that they can’t believe that they are working on yet another Star Wars game. I’m looking forward to seeing the Films, but I’m not bothered about not being in the middle of it all.

There was a “serious” debate on the Blog, back then…

Do you remember? :slight_smile:

(the above is a dramatization using Ace Attorney characters of a real debate among Blog’s users).

These answers have: I dont want to tell written all over them.

Which kind of answer would have convinced you?

Good question, I mean you have to account that there seem to be very hard feelings (mucous phlegm…). But who knows.

At LFG/LA they’ve used names of various bodily fluids as names for their tools (SCUMM, SPUTM, FLEM etc.)

Well, Jenn and Lauren may object!