Thimbleweed Park & Maniac Mansion (Spoilers!)

Are TP & MM taking place in the same universe? Since Dave & Sandy are in TP, it seems to be the case. If so, what’s the timeline for TP & MM, i.e. which one happened first? I got the impression that TP happens after MM. But then again, there’s the Meteor wanted poster in the Sheriff’s office – if the Meteor is still being wanted, the events of MM might not have taken place yet. Also, with the TP ending, and TP being an infinite loop, there’s really no before / after TP, I guess.

Is the Mansion Mansion in TP the same building as the Maniac Mansion? They share the staircase / library. Also,

there is Nurse Edna in the wireframe version of the Mansion’s kitchen.

If MM takes place before TP, where does DOTT fit into?

My personal opinion is that the two games have been created in this same universe by Ron Gilbert, who liked to mix elements of the two games without any real purpose other than having fun doing it.

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By extension Zak McKracken takes place in the same universe (the caponian knows of Edna) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade takes place in the same universe as both (the meteor appears in Indys office as well as one of the crystals). Also Indy says a reporter from San Francisco is interested in the Crystal. Indy takes place in the late 30s, Zak in the late 90s.

On top of that Guybrush is in the circus audience and he´s probably from around the 17th century (unless you prefer to believe he wasn´t just playing pirates with his brother Chuckie after all).

So there is really no way to figure out a continutity, because there is none.

So I think you should take all those references just as reference. Just the way you´d probably consider this:

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So wait… Indiana Jones took place a long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away…? OMG! My mind is blown! :laughing:

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That´sh right, I am your father, Junior!

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Point is, wild cross referencing has a long tradition even in Lucas Film movies.

Probably the first ever Star Wars reference in a film was an inverted R2D2 attached to the mothership in Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:

Regardless of my opinion, I love when we, players, speculate about something. :slight_smile:

On Steam there is a thread in which someone made a list of the references of MM in TWP, using this evidence to suggest that the two games exist in the same timeline.

Actually, the thread on Steam starts asking if the mansions (Edison Mansion and Edmund Mansion mansion) are the same one. But eventually the more general question about the universe in which the two stories happen arises.

Well my understanding has always been that Maniac Mansion takes place somewhere in California (there are many references to California in the game and the poster) in either 1986 (when the game was written) or 1987 (when it was finally released). And the meteor crashed sometime in the late 60s.

Thimbleweed Park doesn´t take place in california, it´s a state with a W.

This way you can still claim for yourself that TwP takes place in a game world and Maniac Mansion in a fictional “real” world. I kinda like that thought.

[quote=“milanfahrnholz, post:8, topic:495”]
Well my understanding has always been that Maniac Mansion takes place somewhere in California (there are many references to California in the game and the poster)[/quote]

Jeff the surfer guy comes to mind. What else? :slight_smile:

Washington, like Twin Peaks? :slight_smile:
Where is the state with a W mentioned?

I believe something about license plates and adresses, but I don´t have an exact source here.

I think Washington (which is where Ron lives these days) is one of the options when you can select an adress, when you´re asked for it when filling out the application for MMucus Flem.

True, but there is a difference between simple Easter egg references and having Sandy and Dave as proper characters in the game.
I think it’s safe to say it’s the same universe and TWP happens after MM, but we all know there is always a lot of moon logic involved in such stuff :slight_smile:

Like @milanfahrnholz mentioned it depends on your selection:

To some they might be characters to others the most elaborate easter egg of all time!

I think, maniac mansion ist the game Delores is programming at muccas flemm.

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