Transfer save games?

Hi @pOOBAH , here is an answer that a developer has given to another player:

Robert Megone - Oct 10, 2017 at 14:56

The savegames are stored in ‘/data/user/0/com.terribletoybox.thimbleweedparkandroid/files/’ on Android.

They should be fully compatible with desktop saves but you will need root access to get to that folder.


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Thanks for the quick reply. Will look into rooting my phone.:slight_smile:

I confirm it is working, I did transfer from iPhone (jailbroken) to Android (rooted)
If we can do the same in a near future without having to jailbreak / root it will be amazing!

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Definitely would like a “no root” option. I’ve read a bit into the topic and in order to be able to copy my savegames I would need to:

Backup all my data > format > downgrade to Android M > unlock bootloader > flash custom recovery > root > update to Android N, restore backup > access Savefiles.

Oh and I would probably have to start Thimbleweed park from scatch as the savegames are not backed up. :wink:

Almost feels like playing a Lucasarts Adventure.

I would also back the call for a “no root” option for Android. I have bought the Android version of the game but am not prepared to play the game again without access to the savegames - I will not root my tablet.

When I completed the Linux version in hard mode, I ended up with over 50 savegames backed up. What you say, surely 8 slots plus an autosave is enough. Well, I had the last laugh - when the arcade section was opened, I was able to go straight back to the point I needed.

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I found a way on my device (ZTE Axon 7). The builtin backup app saves app data (savegames) to internal storage or SD card, so I could extract from there.:slight_smile:

Any news on when we can expect icloud save?

where did you find the save file?

Maybe this is interesting for those how want to transfer the save games from one Android Device ( no root ) to an other one ( no root ). I successfully transfered my save games from my nexus 5 phone to my nexus 7 tablet.

It is not the most simply way to do it, but it works and is simpler than all the other solutions I tried without success.

First you need the Android App called “Helium - App Sync and Backup”.

Helium is able to save all your app data (save games), also the stuff that is not really accessable without a rooted device.

Second, you need to set your devices into Developer Mode and use a PC to sync with the Helium Desktop App which is a server on the PC for the android devices.

Here is the wiki to the Helium App and how to setup everything correctly.

The simple way to backup and restore your data to an other device is to use the Pro Version of Helium, because than you can use GDrive or an other cloud service to store the data. Otherwise you need to copy the data from the backup folder of the first device to the second device. Which not work for me. So I bought the pro version for 3 Euros and used the cloud and it works like a charm.

Hope this helps. If you have questions, just ask me.

But anyway, it would be amazing if Ron could add a transfer save games option/button to the game. It would be an easy thing for a the developer to save the games to the memory card of the device, where everyone could access without rooting the device or using this solution.

Cheers from a Thimbleweed Backer!


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Any news on when we can expect icloud save?

Bummer. I started playing on my iPhone thinking I could continue playing on my iPad Pro via iCloud save games. #firstworldproblems

It’s unlikely there will be iCloud savegames. Apple (and Google) make this amazingly difficult (as opposed the Steam, where it’s brain-dead simple). Also, due to Apple’s new rules for the iPhone X, it unlikely we would be approved for a new build without a ton of work.

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Damn, I just spend 5 bucks for the iOS version with the hope I can transfer my Steam savegame to continue playing on my new iPad. I don‘t want so play the first 30% again. In this case I will never finish it.

Come on Ron, this cann‘t be such difficult. Other games have this feature. Or perhaps you can give us the possibility to export/import savegames like in Baldurs Gate EE on iOS.

Please have in mind that games on mobile platforms are not mayflys. You cann‘t release a game and than stop the development. The livetime of a mobile game is much longer that on platforms like PCs. You‘ll continuisly generating new buys with new features and supporting new mobile devices.

Can’t you just copy your savegames to the right place?

Can you name one game that is able to share the savegames between Steam and iOS?

Ron hasn’t stopped the development.

What? It’s the opposite!


Believe me, this game it’s worth playing more than once, in perfect Lucas* style.
I can understand you that it could be disappointing to restart your game, but think as if it is an opportunity to play it again and discover other things and jokes.


Yes, I would like to know this as well. Other games might use 3rd party cloud services that require you to create a whole new account, but iOS cloud saves are iOS only. If there is a way to import/export saves games without using custom cloud software, I would love to know about it.


First I thought he wanted to share saves between iPhone and iPad. But between Steam and iOS shouldn’t be that common!

But to answer your question:

  • Here you find hundreds of games: ScummVM :: Compatibility - DEV :slight_smile:
  • Also the Broken Sword rereleases have cloud save support (it uses DropBox).
  • Every other game when you setup custom synchronisation of files (but I don’t know how this is possible on iOS).

All those rely on 3rd party cloud services of course.


That’s the problem. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that ScummVM has cloud sync. Very interesting. Thanks for the information!

Is there a way to copy the saved games from one Mac to another Mac? Which folder to I copy?

From the TWP homepage:

~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

Mac App Store:
~Library/Containers/com.terribletoybox.thimbleweedpark/Data/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park

%APPDATA%\Terrible Toybox\Thimbleweed Park\

~/.local/share/Terrible Toybox/Thimbleweed Park