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Transfer save games?


Thank you for that @Nor_Treblig :pray:

Any idea how to pull out a Save Game from an iOS device (iPhone)

I’ve played much longer and further on the iPhone than I have on the Mac now.



Savegames are theoretically cross-platform compatible but I don’t have any experience with iOS versions of TWP or Apple products at all.

App data seems to be stored in /var/mobile/Applications/ or /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/ in more recent iOS versions.

You will find a lot of spam posts when searching for tools to access iOS files, but this answer seems more legit:

They make it sound like you can access 3rd party app data without jailbreaking the phone, which is good news.

The mentioned desktop app can operate on files on the device but also view and access iTunes backups.


Thanks again @Nor_Treblig

The location is where I will look for the save games.

The apps on the Mac so far have not allowed me to view the contents of the iOS package. Will keep trying and post my results here. Might even try using an old Windows application that allows me to browse a non-jailbroken iPhone.