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Translation + Linux build 101205

New Translation + Linux build 101205 build is up.

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very hard to replicate/screen capture: when there is a flash of Willie the bum next to the dumpster, it showed 2 columns of Willie sprites covering the full height of the screen- as if it showed his complete spritesheet instead of just the right frame.

What platform?


I see it. Thanks.

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Just downloaded from Steam, Windows version = build 102206.
I’m testing all the languages (I will learn them, I swear, from this game!)

I’ve stumbled into the same “glitch” Sushi wrote above: when there’s the flash and you are near the Delores/Chuckie/usefulness person, before the occult bookstore, the sprite is shown in all the screen height for a fraction of a second.
(current language: Arto’s – Suomi)

The tsv files for Dutch and Flemish aren’t the ones that were merged on Github with the last pull request (#45).

Those two files didn’t get in the first few builds, but should be in 102206

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