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TWP in Minecraft

Hi. Any minecrafters here?
I’ve just set up a multi-player server that I am on with some people from the skeptics community and was thinking about stuff to build when I thought that building TWP (or part of it) might be fun. If that interests you (or just getting on the MC server in general), send me a DM and I shoot back the server address. Not going to put out there for search engines to find.

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I played the alpha a bit back in the day but that’s about it. :wink:

Are you playing on the PC? If yes then unfortunately I’m unable to join, but would really love to.

Using the Java edition. So it should not matter what OS you’re on. I am on Mac others on Windows. I’ll send you the address and you can just give it a whirl.

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I play with my kids on the Wii U version. Would that be compatible?

From what I can find, that’s not going to work. Sorry.

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