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TWP podcast #70

After a few FAKE ones and the ones that went MIA I am not 100% sure about the correct numbering here.

Unless you’re German (and even then…) you’ll want to forward to about 1h30 where the podcast host walks into the arcade game room in Maniac Mansion and bumps into three men of low moral fiber

Podcast #70
OK, so it isn’t an actual TWP podcast, but the first time you can hear Gary, David and Ron again, discussing mainly Maniac Mansion (spoilers!!),TWP and Delores. The way the three of them ask each other the same questions they know the answer of really helps to keep it fresh and enjoyable. There’s even a few things I never heard before after watching and listening to tens of interviews and all the podcasts.

(Duration is 50 minutes)


Gary again mentioned Re-Animator as an influence! And I can totally see that!


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