Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

And from GOG as well: https://www.gog.com/game/rosewater_demo
Along with demos for other games (both released and upcoming).

Edit: Speaking of which, I did try the demo for Paradise Killer (on Steam, but the full game will come to GOG too, supposedly on September 4th):

It had caught my eye a while back with its oddly named protagonist. I’m a sucker for poetically phrased titles, or names in that case, and how cool is Lady Love Dies!? Aside from that, there wasn’t much telling what kind of game it would be, though it looked suspiciously like a visual novel.

I did not play the demo to the end (mostly because I was fully hooked halfway through the intro), so I haven’t seen much of the actual gameplay. But the story sounds fantastic and I did get a bit of an Ace Attorney vibe. Hard to tell if it’s even remotely comparable, but I know that that is a murder mystery I have to solve! :slight_smile:


Incantamentum showed up on my Twitter feed and supposedly will have a demo out on October 7th.

The pixel art actually reminds me a bit of the looks of Indy4. Maybe it does not show quite the same level of detail in the backgrounds, but the character sprites look great.

If you’ve played Sumatra you’ll recognize the style. The artist is improving fast. Sumatra is a very good game, btw.

To Hell With The Ugly - Adventure and combat game:


Now I want to read the book. And maybe back the game …

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I’m a great Myst fan but I think I’m going to need an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the Myst editions :wink:

A new version of Myst, completely re-imagined for modern game systems and with optional VR is in development:

Also: Another candidate which triggers my pet peeve: Annoying Movie/Game Titles

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“Target: 15-30 year olds” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Are you older? :wink:

We’ve new trailer and release date!


Or too young?

Release of Nine Witches: Family Disruption in December and on GOG? Awesome!

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It’s a independent Brazilian game. I look forward to 2022.


Darkside Detective 2 is now called “The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark”:


Your link is broken, fixed it for ya:

Interesting art style with those pixelated characters.


Plot of the Druid released a demo one month ago:

It’s being played by all kind of strangers around the world!

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Encodya has a release date: Jan. 26. 2021.

Really looking forward to playing that,
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Hi! Nine Witches: Family Disruption is out on PC and consoles!


Thanks, I have already bought in on GOG!


Compared with the Universe I’m very very very very very young, just 49.