Annoying Movie/Game Titles

Is it though? There once was a game named Castle Wolfenstein, and later a game entitled Wolfenstein 3D, but I think it was the first game called Wolfenstein.

Anyway, just call it Wolfenstein 2009, just like how I say Tomb Raider 2013 and Prince of Persia 2008. :slight_smile:

Back around 2000 I bought a big box version of Mortyr, which I still have. I could never really get into it though. Apparently there’s now such a thing as a Mortyr 4, which came out last year:

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That’s not the point. It’s a well known and established series WITH THAT NAME and if you make something new and just call it like that then I hate you (e.g. Tomb Raider, Doom, Star Trek).

If you are arguing that this particular series may be actually called “Castle Wolfenstein” instead of just “Wolfenstein” it’s IMO just nitpicking.

It may be nitpicking to you, but in that case I guess I fail to see the point, which I thought was something like “gosh darn it, that '13 TR game has the same title as the '96 original.”

There’s a game called Wolfenstein. Just one. I don’t see what the series has to do with it, but it seems that it goes both by Wolfenstein (e.g., 3D, RPG, New Order) and Castle Wolfenstein (e.g., the original, Beyond, Return to).

It’s a well established series. With that name.
It’s like calling the next Windows version: Windows.
It’s just stupid.

Btw. from your perspective “Star Trek” would be also be an example which would be probably OK because there was no other movie called like that (the first one was called “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”).

I know it’s a pet peeve of mine, if you are fine with it then live happily ever after because I won’t :scream:

Well let’s try a search for a specific game or movie and you will see.

Perhaps, but so is calling the next Windows version “7” or “10.” :wink:

“Wolfenstein 2009.”

Star Trek is a television program that aired from 1966 through 1968, so that’s not entirely comparable. After all, that’s the very reason the movie title includes “The Motion Picture” in the first place.

Incidentally, the 2001 flick was called Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, so as a movie Tomb Raider (2018) is a first. :smiley:

I don’t understand what’s wrong with that. Well except that after 8 came 10, but that wasn’t your point.

So first I have to look up the year it was made so I can do more refined search. Great.
Are you working in PR or marketing by any chance?

No. Star Trek is a movie from 2009.
See how great that is?

The whole franchise is called Tomb Raider.
“There are already two movies made. Let’s make another one and call it Tomb Raider”.
Those ∗beep∗ers!

Btw. I’m not telling them to logically number there movies/games or something. Just stop calling a “thing” from franchise X having previous “things” just X!

Actually that is part of the point. I explicitly didn’t mention 8 because unlike 7 and 10 that one isn’t odd. 8 comes after 7, plain and simple.

7 just comes across as a random number, and not in a funny way like Winamp3.

Ergo, not entirely comparable.

I’m more bothered by the fact that there’s all of about zero tomb raiding in it tbh, and that it’s a pretty shitty movie even setting that aside. :smiley: (Unless you count that one scene where they simply walked right up to the crypt. Technically a tomb was being raided, but hardly in the Tomb Raider sense.)

Although admittedly, the way this used to be handled wasn’t that great either.

Super Title
Title 64

Title 3D
Title 2000 (it’s '8x/'9x, why are you calling it 2000… at least Windows 9x and 2k came out around the year of their titles! xD)

Are you talking about going from XP to 7 and from 8 to 10? It’s called marketing “ingenuity”.
But it’s not the point because XP does not equal 7 which does not equal 8 or 10.

I just like to be able to think about movies/games/software without my brain constantly throwing unique constraint violations.

Let me clear up some confusion:

  • “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” is a movie from 1979.
  • “Star Trek” is a movie 2009.
  • They are all part of the Star Trek franchise.

There is none. You argued that if I’m okay with Wolfenstein (2009) because it’s the only game by that title, I should be okay with Star Trek (also 2009) because it’s the only movie of that title. But Star Trek (1968) is also a thing, whereas there’s no such title as Wolfenstein (1981).

Incidentally, I don’t personally mind the name of the Star Trek reboot, but I don’t think it’s at all clear that the Wolfenstein argument would apply.

But at least it’s a different “thing”. It wasn’t a movie.

In germany it´s.

Star Trek = Raumschiff Enterprise
Star Trek the Animated Series = Die Enterprise
Star Trek The Motion Picture = Star Trek der Film
Star Trek: The Next Generation = Raumshiff Enterprise: Das nächste Jahrhundert
Star Trek Generations = Star Trek: Treffen der Generationen

The 2009 Film is just Star Trek in english and german.

Just so you know you are not alone with your pet peeve:

As an aside the latest Child´s Play (Chucky) movie will simply be called “Charles”. :man_facepalming:

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I’ve seen most Bullshit Episodes and probably this one too. I’ve completely suppressed my memories about it!

“Cliff Hanger” :smiley:

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The best part is that he accurately predicted the title of the fourth Rambo movie based on the logic of the sixth Rocky movie! :smiley:

Rocky Balboa (2006)
John Rambo (2008)

Cliffhanger isn’t half bad. (Assuming we’re talking about the 1993 movie; didn’t watch the vid yet.)


Some Director’s Cut versions seems to be called like that:
Wikipedia says: “Rambo (also known as Rambo IV and John Rambo)”.

It is also the official german title. And I think it was the pre-release title as well (it was on teaser posters I think).

Further down it says:

John Rambo was the original working title for the film but was changed in the US because Stallone thought that audiences might think that this is the final film in the Rambo series (due to the then recently released Rocky Balboa ), which was not his original intent. In many other countries, the title John Rambo is used because the first Rambo film, First Blood , was released as Rambo in those countries. The film premiered on US television as Rambo , but the title sequence referred to it as John Rambo .

I didn’t realize First Blood was named Rambo elsewhere. It’s like if Raiders of the Lost Ark were entitled Indiana Jones. :smiley:

PS Don’t tell me it’s called Indiana Jones in Germany. >_>

It´s called “Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes” (which translates to “Hunter(s) of the lost treasure”). :slight_smile:

But just imagine this title for a second (since it´s not been announced yet).

Star Wars Episode IX: War Of The Stars