Wallpaper for Android

Hello everyone!

My first post here - I loved the game but am a bit dismayed at all the new stuff that I either missed or comes with updates from what I read here in the forums - will probably have to replay :smiley:

Anyhow, my first post, hope it’s not off-topic here - couldn’t find a better section!

The other day I saw a mobile wallpaper posted on Twitter and of course it’s now my new wallpaper on my HTC. However I was wondering - this is such a missed opportunity! I would pay for a proper LWP, scrolling, with some minimal animation… The wallpaper as it is actually lends itself very nicely to such a concept, perhaps with the sky colours changing according to the time of day…

So… yeah, don’t know why I’m writing this, just hope I’m seeding the idea though there’s little chance of it happening.

Nice to meet you all!