The official outburst thread

Just write down your complaints. Vent off your rage. We’re here to listen.

Mine will mostly be job related, probably :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, it’s quite similar to Room 101, but I’m expecting some more detail. So, uh, kinda like the “random anecdotes” thread, but complaint related.

So I kinda feel like many americans must have felt last summer.

In eastern germany neo nazis take to the streets and go on manhunts for people who look different.

And we now live in a a time were we have n minister of the interior who defends these manhunters as people with serious worries that need to be listened to and explains that the biggest problem in the country is immigration.

And now the head officer for the protection of the constitution goes out of his way saying that video recordings of people being hunted may be faked for whatever reasons.

We live in bloody troubled times!


We did that always. Don’t watch a TV documentary about the end-60s. Or 1972. Or the mid-80s. Or the beginning 90s. Or the year 2001. Or …

I’m collecting end-of-year reviews and if I you don’t tell you the year, you would assume that it was the last year.

The only difference is, that the press today makes a lot much more ado about every little beep.

Today I was in my car, in a narrow two-way road. there was an accident, so the cars coming from the two directions were passing aternately in the same lane. There was no police yet, but the people was behaving correctly, and things were pretty smooth. I made a mistake, and got into the opposite lane while a lady was coming. So I politely tried to reverse a couple of meters to leave my car out of the way and let her pass. An old fart in the car behind me started to shout, calling me “asshole” and refusing to reverse to help my maneuver.
I was so astonished I didn’t say anything. But now I’m so disappointed that I hope at the next traffic jam he’ll find some bully who will give him a lesson. F**k you, old neanderthal!

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Yesterday I was in the pedestrian tunnel, approaching the end, when I saw some older guy in one of those ginormous electric wheelchair cart whatever things literally crash into the people coming out of the elevator, best that I could tell completely on purpose.

Had I been aware of what was going on in 1992 I had said the same.

And I don´t consider the things that are happening at the moment little beeps at all.

That’s not what I meant.

But you´re implying that the current situation isn´t specially bad only more easily perceived as such. And I´m not sure I agree, from the point that I was going from.

Most people think that it’s going more and more worse. But that’s not the case. For example there was no time without a war in the world. Today the world is in the same (worse) state like in the 1980s. We shouldn’t close our eyes, but we shouldn’t make it more worse than it actually is.

Regarding the press thing, read this German article. The press isn’t able anymore do differ between (important) news and hot air. And this is what scares me.

We are obviously talking about different things.

You said that we live in bloody troubled times and I propose that this is not true (if you take a step back).

That´s comforting. Does that include the 1920s and 30s, too?

You still don’t get what I would like to say, which is a sign that I shouldn’t write about politics in English - and this is what I’ll do now. :slight_smile:



(Work stuff/everything)


:disappointed: Award-a-no-go
Went to an awards ceremony where I won, but someone else went up and got the award, because my department head put the wrong names down, hurrumph. I put so much work into that project! :slightly_frowning_face:

I drowned my sorrows in some wine and am now back in the office. On the plus side, the 4G seems to have been restored in the loos.



Watch yourself, K!

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Have you beat talked to them after the ceremony?

Not really. I don’t think it’s such a big deal to them. They’ve been going for years. I might bring it up in my one-to-one tomorrow.

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The least she deserves as an honest

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Mm hm. I was kind of expecting that.

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