Fate of Atlantis SE remake ... in 3D?



My 2 cents: the comedy of the opening scene seems to be lost the more 3D it gets.
Nice graphics, nice 3D. But I miss the humor.

Cent #2: OK, I know, I know, it’s all just work in progress… but the more 3D you make the environments, the emptier they feel.


I think that´s a given, the more room there is the more it has to be filled up. It could be done well in theory.

The 3D one makes me feel uncomfortable…

Interesting to see…

but uncomfortable

I also made Beneath a Steel Sky room in full 3D environment with a classic point&click system, that can be implemented into Indiana Jones project.
This version of IJ has classic 3rd person camera, which has be done just for testing to see all objects in the area. 3D environment is very flexible and easier to work with.


The 3D work on the SE is really good (not talking about the third person camera one XD).
Though I would love to see a remake in the style Patrick Schoenmaker did for an animated short… either in 2D or 3D but with that feel and style.

If you haven’t seen it here is the video I’m talking about:


Cute Tintin/Spirou style.