What beeping sci-fi movie are you watching?

I’m watching Thunderbirds are GO!, the movie I didn’t know existed.

Beautiful models.

That new one that is on Amazon prime now? Doesn’t it lose it’s charme when it’s not marrionets anymore?

I have no clue what you’re talking about. :slight_smile:

No, this one:

It is cgi and doesn’t look really good yours is the classic of course

Okay, this movie’s lost it, lol.

So they spent far too much time showing off their excellent models, but that’s to be expected. But now there’s a weird dream sequence with a Cliff Richards concert.

Nothing against it per se… but the movie already had pacing issues.

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Is the red planet supposed to look greenish gray?

Quote: “I’ve always been fascinated by that phrase ‘life as we know it.’ I have a feeling that we may encounter life… as we don’t know it.”

Edit: “Tonight, being alone with you, I feel like a real grown man.”

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