To beep or not to beep - that is the question

With the Ransome Unbeeped DLC we have the important question: Is the “beeped” version or the uncensored version more funnier? What do you think?

  • The censored version with the beeps is funnier.
  • The swearing in the uncensored version is funnier.
  • beep yourself!

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As I already wrote in the other thread, it is way funnier by a long shot! It´s just the unapolgetic way in which Ransome keeps dropping them f bombs like it was nothing that made me laugh out loud while watching the trailer.

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:ransome: Abstain.

I find it funny when everything he says is interrupted by beeps, and also when he’s throwing swearwords everywhere.

…just kidding, it’s obviously * beep * yourself!!

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@Someone :wink:

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A timeless classic. :wink:

@all others: If you would like to learn new famous Bavarian swear words, watch that video. :wink:

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And his “bavarian english” is also exquisite! :slight_smile:

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I’ve learrrrned frrrom him a lot! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, many also learned a lot from “Kir Royal”, although the shows single best line is spoken by someone in a westphalian dialect (I´m sure you know what I´m talking about).

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I’m surprised about the disappointing average rating on GOG.
Maybe it’s because some guys didn’t find out that they have to update the main game as well?

After the purchase, it should be automatic.
I had the game updated first, then I have purchased the DLC, and after that the download started automatically.

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They are disappointed/upset that they have to pay 2 Euros/US-Dollars for a DLC that “only” introduce swearwords. See:


Two bucks are too expensive? I feel old. :roll_eyes:


I didn’t try it yet and won’t be trying it before saturday.

But the trailer had me laugh out loud. It’s not just a matter of “laughing at swear words”, I’m not 12, but the way Ian Corlett delivers the lines, and

It adds something more. The beeps are very funny, but this is too. Not “more” or “less” funny, just “different”. So, *beep* yourself is my answer.


People nowadays. They aren’t obliged to have those swear words, if they don’t think they’re worth 2€, then don’t fucking buy the DLC. How is it that so difficult?!?

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Some things are funnier when beeped. Like when he tries to take of his nose and makeup.
On the other hand the line “beep TWP! Beep it to hell.” is funnier uncensored, because it lets his dispair rings through more unhindered.

On most other places, it doesn’t really matter I guess. Different, but not more or less fun. Especially if (at least judging from the trailer) every beep is just “f*ck”.

Overal I am going more with beeping being funnier and in respect of @David having to manually beep them all out.

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Way more than just a bunch of f*cks! You have to see/hear it in context.

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Yeah, that’s true.
We are not used to hear the word “F**K” so much, so it’s such of a word like another. But it’s the way he says it that is… great, it adds more charme to the character itself!

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Ignorant question: how do I enable the new mode? I installed the dlc on steam and loaded a savegame, but Ransome is still “polite”.

Options -> Video -> Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC
(Still don’t get why this option is under the “Video” section :smile: maybe to sidetrack minors?)


I like the interactions with Carney Joe with swearing turned on. Ian’s delivery is perfect.

I’m tempted to do another (fourth?) playthrough to hear all the uncensored content, and get the Messy World achievement at the same time. Kate vs OCD.

Edit: I’d also recommend turning off the subtitles for the element of surprise.


It would be interesting to know what the devs think after hearing the swearing and the censored versions several times during the development. :slight_smile: @David ? @RonGilbert ? I guess you can’t decide which mode is better?