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What are you seeing right now?


Anything that you are seeing right now!

The official jogging thread

Besides this forum? :wink:

Lots of L-shaped desks, stripey carpet, a room with a printer in it, and the Stitch that sits on my desk.



Awwwwwww :star_struck:



Well, I guess that this thread is most interesting for all users of a smartphone… :wink:


I’m seeing the same thing! Also this Tremors DVD on my desk:

(I’ve also got the Veronica Mars movie, D’Ardennen — a local film — a bunch of books and other generic mess I won’t show you. :P)


I’ve been growling at this for the last ten minutes.


Have you tried brute violence, yet?


On an innocent fly? Of course not!


But eventually your house is gonna turn into that one Breaking Bad episode.


I was kind of hoping one of the cats would eat it.

That was a good episode :slight_smile:


How sucessful are they at catching flys? Maybe you need a pet frog. Call him Mr. Frogger or something.


You’ll have to hold one of them up to the curtain then. Don’t expect them to make an effort for such an inferior snack :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you ever read Dracula?


Are you suggesting she´s gonna get herself a Renfield to get rid of the flys?


If I recall correctly, the sequence goes:

  1. Catch all the flies.
  2. Feed them all to spiders.
  3. Wait until the spiders are really big and fat.
  4. Eat the spiders.
  5. Repeat.


They’re a bit lazy. Though not as much as our old family cat, Fleur, who used to lie on the floor with her mouth open and wait for spiders.

You’d think, but yesterday Sam was eating coals from the disposable barbecue. Sure, it had meat fat on it, but would you eat a turd if it was covered in Philadelphia?


It’s a moot point. My opinion on Philadelphia cream cheese is that it’s mostly edible.

Also, they sell goat’s and other cheese with purposefully applied coal on it… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m watching Troi and Riker talking to the Romulan defector.


Oh yeah! That’s a good point. Maybe Sam’s onto something.