What happened in the adventure game field while I was away?

Your game is awesome! I mean, very difficult —I am completely lost after plugging in the usb stick. But the mood is great. It feels like playing Operation Stealth once again.

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From the game page, there’s also a link to some hints, so you needn’t be stuck long.

And thanks so much for trying it out!

@LowLevel, wanna tryout? :smiley:

Now that we´ve established that you are in fact italian…:joy:


The poor guy just came back, let’s not make him run off again :slight_smile:

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Never! I prefer to stay stuck.

I’d have surely voted for your game, if I could vote. Who won, by the way?

There’s still 11 days left in the voting. And while you can’t vote, a rating on GameJolt is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile: It took a while to understand where to do that.

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Thanks man!

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nice to meet you @LowLevel I’ve been on here only since around March of this year. It’s been fun being involved in a place where many people have a similar interest. In terms of news all of the above. Sadly monkey island is still in the clutches of the evil over lords Disney

The game got a puzzle score of 10 out of 10 from Adventurre-Treff. This sounds promising!

Well, I guess there aren’t any.

Just catching up with this. Is this thread :point_up: up yet?

You mean this?

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yes. thanks!

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Oh, thanks for the heads up, I completely missed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I played a few of those submitted to the 2017 competition and they were quite good. I’ll have a look at “Mission: spectrum” as well!

Thank you, but I have a conflicting relationship with dubbing, especially when it’s about English language. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to meet you too! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s OK, I changed my mind and now I don’t want Ron to develop his MI3a anymore. :neutral_face:

Wow. :neutral_face: I’ll definitely have a look at it.

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and what led you to this nihilistic conclusion? :slight_smile:

The most likely to win seems to be “Alluvium”. Which is very good. It gets the atmosphere right. But the gameplay is trial and error. By comparison, Mission Spectrum has more depth. You really have to be clever to beat it. And the reason is probably the text interface…

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I’ve explained it here:

Oh yes, I remember now!

Alluvium really is awesome. Another one that just oozes character is Aye Fair Lady (we need more musicals in adventure games!) and the (at first) sickeningly sweet Ramp It Up! Those are all great contenders.

I’m not under the illusion that I’ll score highly with my game (also because its graphics are so spartan and there is the text parser interface), but I could not care less… Had great fun making it and the handful of people who did get to play it seemed to really enjoy it and that’s all I do care about :smiley:

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Since you are still here, can you help me by telling me in what room I need to act next? (but not what to do!)

I have stuck the gps locator under the boss car; I have plugged in the usb dongle in the boss’ computer. But if I try to retrieve it, the game says “better retrieve it later, when there is a chance it recorded something”. Ok but now I am stuck. Going out and then back in does not work, IIRC. Can you tell me in what room I need to act next?