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What makes classic adventure games (and old telephones) so special?


Something like this?

Some countries still used those in the 80’s.

In Germany, most offices used these in the 50’s till the early 90’s:

And these for long distance connections:

If you’re interested what sound all those made on your receiver, listen to Evan Doorbell’s recordings. For the German Siemens switches, check out his Florida tapes. That’s the sound how I remember long distance calling in Germany. The part after dialing that is.


I don’t know, sort of - it wasn’t that fast, more like slow chopping (I don’t chop my carrots that fast), but maybe we were just hearing a muffled version of it.


The carrot chopper chops from inside the house! :ghost:


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It was either that or renaming the thread to “What makes classic phones so special?


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What made old phones special was that you could whack somebody with them if you needed to.


You could also snake the cord around your toes while on the phone.

I don’t have a video for that.




Wait…what…why did you specify that?

Oh yeah because you related it to my post which had a video…I was thinking for a second there…never mind.


Hm? What were you thinking?


I…uh…oh look, what does this thing do?


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Fine, I’ll let this one go :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to phones, I was always a bit disappointed we never have one of those ones mounted on the wall, like you see in films. Was that mostly an American thing or did anyone else have one?


Oh you geniunely have no idea? Okay, I wasn´t sure actually. I thought at first that the change from photo to video implied that you remembered that you in fact do have a photo of a phone cord wired around toes (possibly your own, for whatever reason).


Oh I see. No, I was just being my usual self-correcting self :wink:

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Back to alternate topic:

I think we sometimes have those wall mounted phones (like the one the prominently appeared on Stranger Things) here too, but very rarily.


I suppose it also depends where the phone is. Those wall-mounted ones were (are?) usually in the kitchen. Our ‘desktop’ one was on a little shelf/cubby hole type thing in the hallway (we called it the ‘telephone table’). I used to climb into it when on the phone to my friends :smile: Hm, I wonder if I still fit…