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What's in store for the near future?

We know that Mr. Ron Gilbert is working on a new project.
Rumors say it will eventually be a new adventure game.
People have been hired recently to work with him.
That apart, we don’t know anything else.
That’s not fair.
We are family.
We are your lost children.
We are adults and vaccinated. (*)
Please, keep us informed.
Don’t make your children cry.

Who agrees?

(*) Depending on your age and country


We could come and crash on your couch anytime.


And don’t forget: We will pay money for the result! Real money(*)!

(*) Well, not coins, because most of us will use our cash cards nowadays. But I would send my last (and only) US Dollar via snail mail if necessary!

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If Thimbleweed Park development blog is any indication then hiring artists means entering full blown production that lasts around a year. If I remember correctly Mr. Gilbert was looking for artists in October last year?

That means potential announcement will happen in half a year or so.

Only announcement. Maybe a trailer.
After that it’s still 3 to 6 months for polishing and what not.

Unless everything is dropped, cancelled or something. Or there is nothing to begin with. Artists can be hired for whatever reasons, even personal reasons.

But otherwise yeah, my digital wallet is already waiting. And later on for physical copy too.


I’m hoping it might be done even a little bit faster than TWP, because they have the recent experience of making one (with maybe some of the coding, etc. that comes with that), and they don’t have to spend time making podcasts and doing blog posts and other backer things.

Well said !

Well, if it weren’t for the backers or the users, TWP wouldn’t have been so rich. Books, specks of dust, voicemail messages, toilet paper orientation…
Let me say that it was a nice touch.


… for a “classic” SCUMM-like game with pixel graphics, yes. But from what we know, the new game won’t use a SCUMM interface and uses hi-res graphics. So it’s a different type of an adventure game. And Ron was/is still rebuilding/modifying his engine. So I wouldn’t expect that the development is faster. (But I hope it, of course. :wink: )

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I believe that’s one of the reasons He doesn’t share the game progresses with us. There would be tons of flames against his choice, because of the link with the past.
But Ron is an innovator, now as back then.


Not here in this forum. :slight_smile: Like with Delores we gave a lot of input and yes, some critics. But from my point of view they were very useful at the end. :slight_smile:

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I’d absolutely love (and prefer) if there were podcasts and a development blog and backer/user input, but if there aren’t, then hopefully the plus side will be a little faster development…

But yeah, I also agree with you @Someone that the potential change in graphics and interface, etc. may make it a longer process :sob:

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Hmmm, as Zak said, it could be the reason why the project is super-secret. You know, pitchforks… :sweat_smile:


The most important part is whether we’ll find a way to dub this one too :laughing:


I heard rumors that it was cancelled…

Ron couldn’t handle the pressure of following @Guga games :laughing:


I’m not vaccinated yet :mask: probably by next week… Yeah i agree we need to know! :grimacing:

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I’ve read terrible news in India. Burned corpses in the streets…
How are things going?

Yeah… the second wave is pretty rough… although my state is fine right now… the cases are rising rapidly in Mumbai and Delhi


I don’t think they’ll announce anything before dropping a trailer and preorders at the same time, so they can exploit the momentum generated by the surprise and collect more interest/money.

Hm… I’m not sure if that would be a great surprise: A lot of people know already that Ron is working on a new adventure game. But of course the majority of players (= casual players, non-Ron-hardcore-fans, etc.) don’t know this. So I would guess that we have a similar situation to TWP… :thinking:

Do you remember when, in the fall 2014, a breaking news announced the return of Ron Gilbert in the videogames market? That was a real shock!

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