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What's in store for the near future?

Actually not. :smile:

And to me it wasn’t a shock or a great surprise (but of course exciting news! :smiley: ). But maybe I’m not representative because I followed Ron’s blog and several news sites related to adventure gaming. :wink:

Today we know that a lot of people hadn’t noticed the Kickstarter project back then. So I would assume that it wouldn’t matter if he gives us some more information. It would still a surprise for most of the players. Or wouldn’t it? :thinking:

It was a big emotion, for me. Even bigger when David Fox joined the team, later.


In my opinion, and of course I can be wrong big time, Ron obtained the MI IP, the news it is not disclosed to the public yet, and they are working on Monkey Island 3a


During Broken Age Kickstarter I thought Ron will be working on that (they certainly made it look like that way in their KS video) and I was very excited. Well, that turned into a disappointment. When TWP was announced I was happy, but not with that kind of excitement, because the surprise wasn’t that big at this point. Getting David Fox on the team was a nice boost of excitement, that’s for sure. At my age I was surprised that there are still games that I wait for impatiently. I don’t think I’ve waited for any game in decades.


Oh, I guess I wasn’t disappointed. I was expecting a Double Fine Adventure, not a Ron Gilbert Adventure. :slight_smile:

There is no specific age to play games!
On board game boxes you can always find: “suitable age 3-99” :slight_smile:

My aunt’s going on 102; I wonder if she still sees the humor in that.


I would probably have been quite excited if it had been MI3a, but as it were I did not really feel like participating or following along. Part of the reason was also that by the end of 2014, I’d seen quite a few Kickstarters involving industry veterans turning out less than stellar. I am, however, happy that others were less skeptical and I could therefore enjoy the result :slight_smile:.

And it’s similar with whatever is coming next. I’m content to get surprised by an announcement (preferably) close to the planned release date. Especially with narrative games, the less I know about them beforehand, the better! And as fun as community involvement during the development phase might seem, I’m not quite sure if it’s always beneficial to the end result. Guess it depends on the community …

Of course not, but I was talking about excitement when waiting for stuff. As a kid I just couldn’t wait for lots of stuff. I wanted it when it was new, shiny and current. Now I don’t care, I can wait. I’m “comfortably numb” for all of it. It occasionally still happens with music or movies. Almost never with games and never ever with gaming gear (like a new PC or GFX card).


From Ron’s blog, I still believe he is working on Monkey Island 3a

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