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When is a game a "retro" game?


Good point.

Hard to tell from the resolution. Loincloth is one of the things they shared across the atlantic besides their fondness for pyramid shapes.

Looks cool. Reminds me of the Champakou comic by Jeronaton!


Yes, but what about those Egyptian headcaps? You know, the ones they wore to not get a sunburn from walking around shaved-headed, as we all know they did. Look into Asterix and Cleopatra for the historical evidence.

Never heard of that, but clearly the sales trick worked. :smile:


Again, not clear enough to tell. (I think it shows how reduced pixel graphics can make the imagination work)

Especially in the sidescrolling levels it could as well be a wavy mane of blonde hair (with the movements when jumping etc).



Blond hair in pre-Columbian Aztec civilisations?
Even at 1 pixel, there is no imagination issue here.

Probably they made an Egyptian game first and the publisher asked to changed it last minute.


It moves like hair and looks rather yellowish, doesn´t it?

Possible, but on the inside there are a few things like this clearly modeled after the Aztec calendar.



I’d say it looks white on the C64 color palette (as shown in Zak’s gif above). Plus there’s no Aztecs with blonde hair. In Egypt, there might have been some foreigners…

And since no one ever got past the first stage without cheating, who knows what is inside the temple/pyramid? :joy:


There are like 7 more levels, dude.

It looks like white in the earlier stages but more yelloish in the later ones. And again moves more like hair. But okay it´s Egyptian Challenge. :roll_eyes:


And each of them in amazing 3-D with mindblowing effects in our imagination!
Ah the joys of sucking at a game and letting your imagination take over as a kid!


That´s what I meant, it allows you to interpret those squiggly lines as egyptian headgear.


Worst title ever! Change it to Aztec Challenge!

Yes, boss…


You can´t picture the levels you never reached in your head but those fictional pitch meetings, those are easy. :joy:


No, I can imagine them all in my head.
It is the game which isn’t easy!


Seems a tad long, but you can just let it load while washing the dishes or reading a book, or …

Besides, *insert big & heavy modern game* still takes over a minute to load regardless. How long does RDR2 take, @milanfahrnholz?


When you start it it takes a few minutes (<3mins.). Also when fast travelling, sleeping or after you have died it loads for a short while(maybe a minute). Except that there are no loading times(e.g. when entering buildings etc).


…watching the loader screen/music! (On some games)
Yeah… all those dishes we did in the 80’s-90’s while waiting for our games to load. Lucky parents we had!


Just two words: Last Ninja!


More technically correct, that’d be three words (The… ) but yeah!
Also Ocean games were great!
And Skate or Die!


At least it seems to load entirely into RAM (they even advice to remove the floppy once loaded), so after whiling away that time initially (which players could have spent drooling over the first page of the manual, hadn’t they pirated the game), the game could be played all day long (if constantly dying didn’t frustrate you before).

Also, to my surprise, there isn’t just this one splendid level, but many more, which based on the description sound clearly Aztec-themed to me. In fact, the progression in the game reminds me a lot of the movie Apocalypto. Wonder if Mel Gibson ever owned a C64. Would explain a lot …


Was there a Lethal Weapon game by Ocean? I´m not sure at the moment.