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When is a game a "retro" game?


Wow title screen Riggs And Murtaugh look actually pretty good!

And that´s it, of course. :neutral_face:


I don’t remember Aztec Challenge taking that long to load. But it was one of our favorite games when we were kids, it could occupy a whole afternoon. I mean, we got to ALL seven stages. Stage seven was probably easier than the others, but sometimes it made you die without reason, and it was frustrating. I remember a friend of mine lost it and began hitting the TV with his arm cast. Good times.


In-game Riggs and Murtaugh… wait where’s Murtaugh?? Even at the end screen of the game he’s gone.

The gameplay doesn’t seem too bad, perhaps a bit repetitive.
I also like how all timers and enemies respawn when you exit/re-enter a screen.
“Storing variables for each enemy in the level? No way!”


Was that after he broke his arm playing another frustrating game? :joy:
One of the Sierra adventures perhaps?


I would love to go the romantic route and say that he broke it in that very same way, but no, it was a football accident.


Yep, there exist a few games which you can fire up for ‘just’ chilling in certain atmospheres, the convention is a spot were you could find me.

Btw. you can climb, at least for some blocks, on the pyramid (in Gizeh). You need to detach from your group silently but beware it’s not allowed, straining and nothing you want to do after you were crouching inside.


He got too old for this shit.


In the other video right over here:


Everytime I read this thread´s title I have an :ear: :snake: of Herbert Grönemeyer´s “Männer” (would be too difficult to explain to our non german speaking friends but @someone might get it).


He got it. :wink:


And now you have it, too! :crazy_face: :ear: :snake:


And all others too:


We don’t, back then. I remember entering the 4th stage.
But we played fair, no trainers.


Makes me wonder if you get a different end screen when you finish the game with him…


Oh, I hope it´s this!



Hey, neither did we :smiley: we just had loooots of time


Retro-gaming rules…

(Wii U gamepad makes it easier than digging out an actual NES 8-bit console, and has better timing than PC emulators)


Makes me wanna dig out the NES Classic again. I always say it was worth the full retail price just for that game alone (and the fact it just feels like the classic pads).

:heart: :heart: :heart:


:small_red_triangle: :small_red_triangle:


I can’t believe how I remember every little detail like where to bomb for the nearest medicine shop or which grave to push for the secret passage, but I can’t remember important things that actually happened yesterday or people’s names that I’ve lived next to for years!


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