Why people still believe that Ron made DOTT?

Why the beep are some people still think that Ron made Grim and DOTT? I’m talking about people that follow Ron on Twitter and exactly know who he is!

Not everybody is die hard like us.

DOTT is a great point’n’click adventure game and as it is with every great point’n’click adventure it is very likely it was made by this Ron Gilbert guy.

Additionally it’s really based on a game of him. It was called “Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle”.
He was credited in the game and there is actually a whole game in the game to which he contributed like, a lot.

Also when I say “Doom 3” I’m sure some people think of John Romero although of course he has not a lot to do with it.

Well, that’s my explanation.

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Why do people say that Nor Treblig is Ron Gilbert?

He didn’t?!? :astonished:

Have you ever seen Clark Kent and Superman in the same room? That’s why :slight_smile:


Btw. regarding Grim Fandango: I’ve never seen such a claim in contrast to DOTT which I’ve observed multiple times on Twitter.

Someone-not-someone wrote it on Twitter yesterday - I noticed it too. But much more common with DOTT.

From what I have observed, these people are somewhat “die hard”. :slight_smile: They follow Ron on Twitter and read every Tweet. Ron stated several times on Twitter that he didn’t made DOTT (and Grim). So they should know that Ron didn’t make DOTT.

But maybe it’s because today people first tweet and then think …

Yes, but not Grim. And I have read only very few times that MI3 and MI4 should be made by him. So DOTT and Grim seem to be a special case/extremely confusing.

A couple of months ago someone (not @Someone) congratulated him on twitter for Pirates! [Sid Meier’s]


We should thank Ron for:

  1. Hook
  2. Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island and
  3. Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler.
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Never heard of Hook, is this a recommendation? (Of course it is, obviously it was made by Ron Gilbert!)

I never finished that game because I didn’t like it very much. But I recommend it to you nontheless; I mean, it’s a game by Ron.

Never played it myself, but the German magazine PowerPlay gave Hook only 48%. To sum up: The game is a Monkey Island clone, has weird puzzles and is too short.

If you took Monkey Island, disfigure it, bleach it to remove any color and atmosphere and ultimately beat it until it becomes a geometric pulp of square pixels, then and only at that point “Hook” might be considered a clone of Monkey Island.

That number has an unrealistic generous quantity of digits.

Then you’ll probably obtain this, instead:


Just to clarify: I haven’t played Hook, the reviewer compared it with Monkey Island.

Yes, that matches the description quite well.

This summary sounds actually like the perfect game for me!

Oh, OK

Oh I’ve seen this one recommended before:

(Stupid ambiguous names!)